Prairie Homestead Upstairs Remodel 2021: Final Look

Posted March 1, 2022 by Prairie Wife -

It’s what you have all been waiting for…the final look at our Prairie Homestead Upstairs Remodel!

With our family of 7 we’ve always tried to be careful about our spending.

Thankfully, The Cowboy is a handy guy, and over the years, he’s been able to tackle most of our home DIY remodeling projects himself. In the 13 years we’ve lived in our 3,000-square-foot modular home, we have redone our entire basement thanks to a flood caused by Cowboy C and done small updates throughout our home. For example, this renovation we did during quarantine,  changing our playroom into a home gym, and this Master Bedroom remodel that was less than $300.

When planning our DIY projects, we are very conscious of the resale value of our home, and I encourage you to do the same. While we don’t have plans to move, we must be realistic about the true benefits of what we are doing. There are sites that can help you see your remodeling projects’ average cost vs. value, but it’s not an exact science. 

Not sure what I mean?

Our home is a five-bedroom, three-bath modular home that is 3,000 square feet. There is a fully finished basement, an attached garage, and heat/air conditioning. Putting in granite countertops and real hardwood floors simply would not make sense. There is no way that type of remodel would translate to a better resale value!

Our house is lovely and wonderful, but it’s not fancy, and the type of people that would be interested in living here are not going to care if the tile in the Master Bath Shower was bought at Home Depot or sourced from an 89-year-old Italian Man who hand paints each square over the course of a week.

For this remodel, we did all of the work (except putting in the backsplash) ourselves, and it took us around 3 months from start to finish.

We worked together as a family to tear up the existing flooring and replaced it with Vinyl Plank Flooring.

We all chipped in to paint the main living spaces all in one cohesive color.

We did the kitchen demo ourselves.

The Cowboy designed our new kitchen and custom-built our MASSIVE island.

Before I share the final look take a look at this post that shares my original plans.

Below are pictures of how it all looked BEFORE.

And here is the FINAL LOOK!

Ultimately, we saved around $18,000 by doing this remodel ourselves. And while there were many moments where we all had to take deep breaths and not take things too personally, it was a great family project.

The Cowkids learned a lot by helping and definitely appreciate a bit more what it takes to have a nice home!

I can’t believe how much lighter and brighter (and bigger) our home feels, and the kitchen works so much better for our large family. I can’t wait to invite a big group of friends over and see how much easier it is to entertain them!


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