Mama Mantra: You’re Going To Miss Something

Posted February 23, 2021

It’s a cold hard truth of parenting, eventually, at some point, you’re going to miss something. And no, I don’t mean missing a game or school assembly (though that is going to happen too). I mean miss something that your thought for sure you already knew about. Something you’ve talked… Read More »

Categories: Life As It Happens, Parenting

Mama Mantra: Have The Hard Conversations

Posted January 12, 2021

Have the hard conversations. It’s awkward. It’s cringe-worthy. It’s terrible and miserable…but have the hard conversations. Because here’s the deal, if your kids don’t hear it from you, they are going to hear it from someone else. And who knows what message they will receive? I’m talking about everything from… Read More »

Categories: Life As It Happens, Parenting

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