6 Must Read Books for the Summer of 2024

Posted July 20, 2024

Summer and reading go hand in hand, and while technically Summer is halfway over, there is still plenty of time to read these 6 books before the summer of 2024 is over! As usual, there is something for everyone because I refuse to read only one genre. Also, watch for… Read More »

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Mama Mantra: What Summer Schedule?

Posted July 19, 2024

Summer and schedule are two words that don’t go hand in hand around here. We’ve been living this way for over 8 years. It was something that began when I was first forced to let go of all of my Summer expectations because of my Preventive Mastectomy Surgery. Living schedule-free… Read More »

Categories: Life As It Happens, Parenting

Bumbleberry Crisp

Posted July 2, 2024

Bumbleberry Crisp is what I make when I want Bumbleberry Pie but don’t have the energy to make a pie crust! It’s all the delicious Summer flavors I love with a thick, crispy topping, and it takes half the effort/energy to make. WIN! The best way to eat this is… Read More »

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