Every woman has a little bit of Prairie Wife in her...

Love and loyalty to family and friends, determination to follow your dreams, and a little bit of sass and style is all you need to call yourself a Prairie Wife. Married or not, if you are a woman of grit and grace, this is the place for you.

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Work study program Freshman year. Worked full time graveyard shift at a gas station and had 21 credit hours my Sophomore year of college. 3.75 GPA Received a scholarship and spent the other two years working as a nanny 4-11pm 5 days a week and went to school full time. #gopokes

Michael A Rodriguez @TheAngelo2258

How many people on my twitter feed went to college and worked at the same time while you were going to college..my ex wife doesn't think my 20yr old son should have a job while he's going to college

Small town…Wednesday night ❤️ So grateful for the Glenrock Town Square and how it has brought our town together! Movie night is the perfect opportunity for adults and kids to hang out 👏 #wyomingsummers

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Small town…Wednesday night ❤️ So grateful for the Glenrock Town Square and how it has brought our town together! Movie night is the perfect opportunity for adults and kids to hang out 👏

#smalltownwyoming #dirtroadlife #glenrock #glenrocktownsquare #movienight #bettertogether #lovethislife #wyomingsummers

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Want to know what it’s like to get dressed by @allurewyoming2.0 for an event?! Watch us #tryon looks for the upcoming iReach2 “Ride for the Brand” event! Tell me your favorite and then stop by @davidstreetstation Saturday night to hear @tminnocents and see what I picked ❤️

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I’ve been blogging here at PrairieWifeInHeels.com now for almost nine years!

And my purpose for this blog has changed significantly over the years.

This blog began as a place to offer support to women, wives, and mothers to lead a life of grit and grace.

Grit and grace IS still at the center of all that we do, but over the years, as our reach has grown with social media, I’ve found that we have a wider audience.

Women ages 20 to 75 read this blog and more and more men are stopping by weekly and daily on social media.

What began as a simple way to share my experiences as a city girl gone country living in the middle of nowhere…raising my four then 5 Cowkids has grown into speaking and emceeing, consulting, designing and teaching workshops, a clothing and jewelry line, and even a radio show!

In the last year, the speaking part of what I do has begun to grow, and it’s something I’d like to continue to cultivate.

But what does that mean for the Prairie Wife brand?

What does that mean for the blog?

It means that it’s time for me to take a closer look at what I do here and across all of my other platforms.

Learn more about how to find your purpose (professionally or personally) by #clicklinkinbio

📸 @skylaleephotography
Jeans @307shadetree use PRAIRIEWIFE15 *doesn’t include WY made items or sunglasses 😎

#bloggeratwork #smallbusiness #findyourpurpose #growingandchanging #newblogpostup #branding #gritandgrace #findthefocus #helpmorepeople #welcometoyouall #puttinginthework #nowisthetime

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Took this guy to our last meeting for @wyomingbreastcancer Pink Ribbon run and he was such a good boy.

He’s in love with @katieorszulak ❤️ and @esauhayden was shocked at how big he is…I promise one of these days I’ll get a picture that shows better what a tall fella he is 😆

Huge thank you to my run committee who have been working for months to make this run happen 🤘 See you Saturday (and yes you can still sign up at WyomingBreastCancer.org or show up 7:00 on Saturday at David St Station) for the 2022 Run 💗

#wyomingbreastcancerinitiative #wbci #pinkribboonrun #itsalwayssomething #moretodo #wyomingmoney #helpingwyomingfamilies #bergerpicard

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Yeah…it’s true…@yesthatdrew and I have a pretty cool job 👏

#thatviewtho #weloveyoucasper #mycountry955 #beartrapsummerfestival #drewandprairiewife #caspermountain #5150 #wyomingsummers #livecountrymusic

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Me and my @mycountry955 Morning Show cohost @yesthatdrew and I Casper Mountain for day ✌️ of Beartrap Summer Music Festival ❤️ Come find us and say hey 👋

#beartrapsummerfestival #drewandprairiewife #mycountry955 #mycountrymornings #caspermountain #5150 #wyomingsummers #thatwyolife #casperwyoming

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Hanging with Laura from @pureimpressions at Beartrap! She’s in the @funkyjunkdistrict tent right by the stage. And YES the PRAIRIEWIFE15 discount works!

#beartrap #prairiewifepartnership #wyomingwomen #prairiewife

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Hanging with the crew at @gearupandgetout at Beartrap up on Casper Mountain! And YES the Prairie Wife discount works up here ⭐️🤘 ...

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Mission Statement

To offer support to other women (and their families) through humorous, honest and heartfelt blog posts about our experiences. We want to encourage others to lead their lives with grit and grace so they can discover the “Prairie Wife” within.