Every woman has a little bit of Prairie Wife in her...

Love and loyalty to family and friends, determination to follow your dreams, and a little bit of sass and style is all you need to call yourself a Prairie Wife. Married or not, if you are a woman of grit and grace, this is the place for you.

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Grasp that other people can have completely different views on many matters to your own, yet still be kind and good people, following their own consciences. Debate, discussion and sincerely listening to each other solves problems: killing never, ever does.

Caffeine when you NEED to stay awake: please sir I’m only a beverage. There’s only so much I can do

Caffeine when you NEED to sleep: you had two sips after 3pm let’s stay up wondering what colors should smell like

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Tonight’s look for Thankful Thursday #rockerchic

As I drove home from tonight’s event I found myself feeling so dang grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way.

So many people get stuck where they only see the worst of our society, anger and division, greed and despair…

But not me. Every week I get to learn about new charities and groups of people whose main focus is doing good…and I get to play a small part in helping them just by being myself and bossing people around aka emceeing and having fun talking as fast as I can aka auctioneering.

If you’re loosing faith in humanity I encourage you to take some time to get out in your community and look for the good…there is SO much out there ❤️

Bracelets and ring @pureimpressions use PRAIRIEWIFE15 for 15% 👇

#thankfulandgrateful #findthegood #lookforthegood #beapartofthegood #bloggeratwork #emceelife #prairiewife

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Why Prairie Wife In HEELS?

It’s a nod to my city girl roots, and to the fact that 8/10 times you see me I’m wearing heels of some type, or at the least a sweat pair of sneakers or a fabulous pair of booties!

Even during my 11 years as a SAHM you could find me in 4 inch heels any time I dressed up for church or a date night.

A fancy pair of shoes makes me feel confident and attractive no matter what my weight is, or how I’m feeling emotionally.

I don’t mind if they make me stand out, I see my high heels as a sign of strength 🥰

What clothing item is uniquely you?!

#highheels #standtall #beyou #mybrand #tellingthestory #beunique #confidenceissexy #prairiewifeinheels #bloggeratwork

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@yesthatdrew and I are doing the show a little bit different 😳 Road closures and Blizzard conditions mean I’m stuck at home with the kiddos (snow day for CCSD1) while Drew is in studio 🎙 Any bets who makes noise first the Cowkids or the puppy?!

Sweatshirt @painted_pony_wyo use PRAIRIEWIFE15 for 15% 👇

#mycountry955 #mycountrymornings #drewandprairiewife #radiolife #blizzard #fallinwyoming #snowday #countrymusicradio #behindthemic

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It’s okay to not be okay…

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For many people, kids especially, we associate breast cancer awareness with pink ribbons, community 5k walks and runs, and a powerful sea of women, moms, and families proudly standing up and advocating for visibility for this disease.

While this positive vision of supporting breast cancer is valuable, it is simply not the entire truth of a family’s experience with cancer.

At @charliehealth they are no strangers to the intersections of chronic illnesses and mental health, so we want to dedicate this month to exploring how we can better communicate with our kids about illness.

Click the link in our bio 📱 to read a post sharing 5 ways for parents to tell their kids that it’s okay to not be okay…


📸 @krystaljbrewer

#chronicillness #cancer #talkingtokidsaboutcancer #mentalhealth #charliehealth #supportforparents #newblogpost #itsokaytonotbeokay #breastcancer

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So excited for my dear friend @ginny.butcher ❤️ It was wonderful to hear her talk about her art tonight, and to celebrate her exhibit at @caspercollege 🤩 If you’re by the music hall take the time to stop by and see her “Of Beasts and Barns” exhibit ✅ ...

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Mission Statement

To offer support to other women (and their families) through humorous, honest and heartfelt blog posts about our experiences. We want to encourage others to lead their lives with grit and grace so they can discover the “Prairie Wife” within.