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  • Wyoming Women Are Getting Things Done And It’s Inspiring - Wyoming women are getting things done, and it’s absolutely inspiring. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended an event called Connect2Women in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can find some more intricate details here, but the main purpose of the event was exactly what you would think based on the name… “Connect2Women was… Read More »

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In one of the talks at @connect2women, I met a woman named Ann Redman and we bonded over our faith and how we both adored my current priest, Father Ray. We even took a selfie and sent it to him.

I had to leave the conference early to get home and take care of the Cowkids (The Cowboy ended up needing to leave town), but I stayed a bit later than I should have just to hear her talk about her life.

As a Latino woman in Wyoming, she has experienced both racism and sexism and yet still she pushed forward in a relentless mission to serve the people of our state.

She left us with this wisdom, “Don’t let other people define who you are.”

Wyoming women are getting things done, and it’s inspiring.

There were too many women I connected with at the conference to name but I DID want to mention a few other programs supporting Wyoming Women that you may not know about…Find them 📲 the link in our bio or 💻 https://prairiewifeinheels.com/wyoming-women-are-getting-things-done-and-its-inspiring/

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My house is a disaster.

Feel free to zoom in and really take a look…socks in random places, food from a trip to the store Monday that still needs put away, stacks of mail and school papers (and a pair of shoes) on the counter, and over a week’s worth of crumbs on the floor.

It has been an amazing week, but one that has had me running all over the state and working my booty off in a way that has left me with no time to handle anything around the house.

Mac and Cheese from a box for dinner, a sink full of dishes and an overflowing trash can…

I can’t do it all.

I don’t do it all.

I’m skipping traveling this weekend to see two of the Cowkids play their sport of choice to get this place cleaned up (and to have some time with loved ones I haven’t seen in weeks).

I’m wracked with mom guilt because technically I COULD make it to their games…but at what emotional cost?

Two days of dragging the littlest Cowkids around Wyoming and a weekend where nothing gets done around the house leads to another week of feeling stressed and falling further behind.

So here’s to saying no, looking at the big picture, and knowing no one does it all.

#workingmomlife #keepitreal #goodenough #isgoodenough #gettingitdone #youcantdoitall #somethinghastogive #bigpicture #prairiewife #prairielife

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I have been following @womeninwyo for years, and along with it @lintonproductions and I have to say I fan girled a bit today 😬🤓

Lindsay is a professional photographer and 5th generation Wyomingite whose passion for telling the stories of Wyoming’s amazing women is inspiring 🥰

One of my favorite quotes from her talk today “There is magic in the unknown.”

If you’re looking for a new way to be inspired I encourage you to look at her photos and listen to her podcast ✅

#wyomingwomen #womeninwyoming #lintonproductions #connect2women #proudofourheritage #learningandgrowing #inspired #prairiewife #prairielife

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Getting some work done before today’s session of @connect2women ✅

And of course I have @hgtv on in the background…because that’s my happy 😆

#thathustle #bloggeratwork #hotelroomlife #connecttowomen #videoediting #letsdothis #workingaway #wyomingwomen #prairiewife #prairielife

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We have a beautifully done custom mud room where each of the 5 Cowkids have there own cubbies…

Yet every single day this is what happens 🤨 Every 👏 Single 👏 Day 👏

Just me?! 😳

#thatmomlife #theyhavecubbies #ispentsomuchtimeonit #theyneverusethem #lovethesekidsbut #theyllhavetocleanitup #wellitried #prairiewife #prairielife

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@caspercollege T Bird Trek half marathon today 😅 It starts at Casper College, goes up Casper Mountain 🏔 to lookout point and back down 🏃🏻‍♀️

I’ve been so nervous 😬 because I haven’t been able to train the way I wanted #momlife so set a goal to get done in 3 hours.

My watch died towards the end 🤨 but according to the kids my finish time was 2:36.26 🔥🥰

Tired and proud and so pleased that this crew surprised me and cheered me on 🙏 Big thanks to those of you that took time to shoot me a good luck text this morning ❤️ it means more than you know.

#tbirdtrek #halfmarathon #mamaswhorun #slaythosegoals #upthemountain #andbackdown #casperwyoming #proudofmyself #lovethiscrew #gonnabesoretomorrow #prairiewife #prairielife

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