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  • Mama Mantra: You Can’t Make Them All - You can’t make them all. Every school party, every concert, every game or tournament, or after-school event…you can’t make them all. You can’t make them all, and that’s okay. Over the years, I have often had to repeat this mama mantra to myself. First, as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) when… Read More »

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All set for the @1224club Recovery Rally! Celebrating 30 years of hope and recovery 🥰 And yes I’m fueling up with @lovelylemonjuiceco Green Juice 💚 you have until 8pm tonight to get in on the #greenjuicechallenge 🙌 Head 🍋 socials to learn more!

#emcee #greenjuicepower #1224 #emceeatwork #lovemyjob #recoveryrally

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But when is the right time to drink your green juice?! Anna has all the details about green juice and how to include it in your day. Sign up for the @lovelylemonjuiceco #greenjuicechallenge All you need to do is head over to her socials to sign up to try it with us! Have friends sign up too and save 💰 Show the 💛 🍋 some love in your pics while you’re participating in the challenge and maybe you’ll 👏🙌🥳 We’ll be sharing more details about the benefits of green 💚 juice all week long! #juice #drinkmorejuice #coldpressedjuice #nowsthetime #juiceshots #poundofproduce #anytime #istherighttime ...

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Small town ‘Merica and there isn’t anywhere else I’d want to raise my kids 💜 #homecomingparade #smalltown #america #wyominglife #dirtroadlife #homecomingweek #herderpride #gobigpurple ...

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Welp. Anyone that knows Cowgirl G knows she always goes all out…from the wrestling mat to playing a game of Powder Puff Football she’s not going to hold back. To quote Coach @branch_9497 “That girl is mean” 😅😂 Took her in today because her injury from Mondays “fun” Homecoming activities was continuing to get worse. It doesn’t seem to be broken but we need to keep her hand still for the next 10 days. She’s bummed to miss volleyball 🏐 this week but thrilled she was still cleared to practice as much as possible with her team. You’ll spot her managing and helping out instead of being on the court 💜 and the fact that she’s still going to do all she can to be there for her team makes me proud. When I mentioned she should sit out 🏈 next Homecoming my suggestion was met with 🤨🙄 followed by “no way mom it’s too much fun” This kid 😅

#welp #meetingthatdeductible #athletes #cowgirltough #loveherspirit #joanofarcwastherightsaintforher #littlebutmighty

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But what is “green juice” ? Anna from @lovelylemonjuiceco tells us the benefits of her cold pressed juices and then is inviting you and your crew to head to her socials and #signup for the 5 day #greenjuicechallenge 💚 Your chance to get in on this ends Friday, September 22 so get on this NOW 🙌

#juice #drinkmorejuice #coldpressedjuice #nowsthetime #lovelylemon #healthbenefits #rehydrate #glowingskin #digestionsupport

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For the first time in the history of forever we have 💯 participation in a homecoming dress up day! Perhaps it’s because the theme for 4 of them is “athletes” 😅 Can you guess what their favorite sport is?! And then we have Cowboy C with pajama day. Perhaps we can pretend he’s the team mascot?

#homecomingweek #dressupdays #wrestlingfamily #lookatthem #thereisoneineveryfamily #mycrew

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