Prairie Homestead Upstairs Remodel 2021: Upper and Lower Kitchen Cabinets

Posted February 5, 2022 by Prairie Wife -

This is the part of our Upstairs Remodel that I’ve been looking forward to the most, the kitchen…and specifically new kitchen cabinets.

Here’s a look at the plans that we made before we began, and I’m thrilled to say that our final look has definitely met my expectations!

I broke up our Kitchen remodel into two posts, this first one will give all the details about the upper and lower kitchen cabinets.

The next one will share all the info about our HUGE custom island, the backsplash we added, and our seating area.

Then (of course) I’ll do a big final post showing it all, including the before and after pictures!

I knew that I wanted white cabinets, and my design aesthetic was simple and classic. I also wanted cabinets that didn’t have a middle piece that reduced your ability to access at least 1/4 of the storage space.

The Cowboy wanted soft-close doors.

We priced cabinets at our local Home Depot and Menards. Both stores had staff that created a virtual design of our kitchen based on our needs and wants, as well as an estimated cost for the items.

Menards ended up being almost $7,000 cheaper than Home Depot and we were happy with the product they offered, so we went with the KLËARVŪE Cabinetry series in Stöten® Brite White.

I picked simple brushed nickel knobs for the cabinets and country-style pulls for the drawers.

For our countertops, I knew I didn’t want anything too fancy. I was perfectly happy with the laminate ones we had for the last 13 years other than the color. We picked laminate countertops again, but this time they had a beveled edge and a high resolution. The exact product we ended up with is CustomCraft Countertops® High-Resolution™ Laminate in Cafe Azul.

The process of remodeling our kitchen was a bit scattered because of how we had to order the items we wanted.

First, we bought the cabinets, and when they arrived The Cowboy put them together in our shop and measured them so he could order the countertops.

Step one was to demolish the old upper cabinets. We were happy to have a few Cowkids that were big enough to help with a lot of the heavy lifting!

Then The Cowboy hung the new cabinets. Notice that the Microwave is offset and isn’t over the stove. That’s because the bottom cabinets will be a bit different than these ones. I promise they will match up when we are done.

The final step for this part was putting on the doors and handles, and deciding where everything would go, which took longer than I thought!

Here’s a look at some video of the process of demolishing and installing the upper cabinets.


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Then had to wait three weeks for the countertops to arrive (sigh). Once they did, we removed the old backsplash (which was just a simple row of tiles) and demolished the bottom cabinets.

Then The Cowboy put in the new bottom cabinets…which was so much easier than the uppers!

I was so nervous to see the countertops installed!

It’s one thing to take a look at a small sample piece and like it, and another thing to see a huge piece of it taking up so much space…I am SO thankful that it turned out perfectly, and honestly, I am seriously impressed that laminate countertops can look so good.

The drawer pulls on the bottom cabinets are perhaps one of my favorite things…silly I know when really it’s all the space I should love, but it’s the little things in life right?!

Here’s a look at a video that shows the process of demolishing the old bottom cabinets and installing the new ones.

As you can see, The Cowkids were yet again BIG help in getting this remodel done. It has been so fun to see them learn right along with us, and it’s proof that many hands really DO make light work!

Feel free to ask any questions below in the comments.

Here is the post about the custom island, backsplash, flooring, and seating area.

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