I HATE Pumpkin Spice

Posted October 21, 2015 by Prairie Wife - 14 comments

woman barfingI HATE PUMPKIN SPICE!!!!

Yup, that’s right…I said it. I not only said it I shouted it. I’m coming out of the closet and I don’t care if they take away my “middle class stay at home mommy”  badge because of it. I not only hate Pumpkin Spice Starbucks (oh yeah I went there) but, I extremely dislike all recipes that have pumpkin or pumpkin spice as an ingredient. I’m sure you’ve noticed that in the two years we’ve been a blog I’ve never posted a pumpkin anything recipe (or seafood either). It’s one of the perks of being the blog boss…if I don’t want to write about it I don’t have too!

Now that I’ve admitted that I hate pumpkin spice I feel free! A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer have to like all those Instagrm pics of steaming hot Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes in their artfully decorated Fall themed cups. I don’t have to smile and make “mmmmm” noises and then quietly sit in a corner trying to hide the fact I’m not eating when a friend brings pumpkin bread to a gathering. No longer do I have to listen to conversations about how we know Fall is finally here because pumpkin has now become the main ingredient in every food known to man…from smoothies to soup.

I refuse to apologize for the extra stash of protein bars in my car. They are specifically kept there so I can honestly say that I already ate when offered the pumpkin spice brownies with grated pumpkin peel on top. No longer will I use pregnancy as an excuse for not indulging in more bites of the gluten free pumpkin loaf artfully covered in vanilla glaze…which resulted in it looking like a lemon cake (meanest trick ever).

Love FallHey, don’t get me wrong…I love Fall as much as the next person…perhaps more! Fall fashion is my favorite. I welcome the frosty mornings and the chance to wear knee high boots, plaid, cozy knit hats, sweaters, scarves, and of course my beloved hooded sweatshirts! The Cowboy and I are going on year 11 of our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Crock Pot Recipes and Apple Crisp are among my favorite things to cook. Candy corn and those little candy pumpkins are my weakness. I’ve been known to buy bulk bags of them on clearance so I have enough to last through the winter.

I just hate pumpkin spice, and I don’t care who knows!

And please…I know I can’t be alone in this right?!

Thankfully for our readers Texas Two Steppin’ and TallGirlJ are pumpkin spice fans. In the spirit of true love and friendship I’ve asked them to pin some of their favorite recipes to our Holidays Are Here Again Pinterest board. I’m sure they are all delicious but please, don’t ask my to try them.

Also, if anyone wants to make The Cowboy a Pumpkin Pie he’d be ever so grateful…I just refuse to go there….even for him!

Do you like Pumpkin Spice? Is there something else everyone in the world seems to love but you hate?

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14 thoughts on "I HATE Pumpkin Spice"

  1. Bennie says:

    I must admit I do love most things pumpkin. I’m not a Starbucks fan – HATE IT!! It tastes like burnt, bottom of the pot coffee to me, so I’ve never tried their pumpkin coffee. I have tried Dunkin Donuts and the problem I have is they use that sweet syrupy stuff for the flavor. I don’t like sweet coffee. My friend made me some pumpkin flavored I think Kereug (sp?) coffee and it was tasty, no sweet aftertaste.

    Hey, there are other flavors of fall like apples, apple cider, CANDY! No worries, I won’t judge (but I can’t help think you are missing out on pumpkin). 😉

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Thanks for not judging me Bennie, I’m glad we can still be friends 😉

  2. Pa says:

    Must be an inherited trait.

  3. College BFF says:

    Lol!? I must use this in my advantage haha!

  4. Alyssa says:

    Can’t stand the stuff either, or seafood!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I knew I liked you 😉

  5. Bennie says:

    On a totally different flavor topic I picked up some salted caramel tea today, it’s quite tasty! 😉

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I found some “dessert” tea the other day but it’s been too warm for me to feel like trying it, I’m glad to hear you liked yours (I feel like I got that flavor too lol)!

      1. Bennie says:

        Make some iced tea, that’s what I did. 😉

  6. Margi Kenny says:

    I don’t like it either.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      We must be related 😉

  7. Deb says:

    I agree, pumpkin spice is beyond nasty. I hate when EVERYTHING is full or smells of pumpkin spice. The only thing close to pumpkin pie that I eat during the holidays is sweet potatoe pie. The ones without all of the NASTY pumpkin pie spice. I don’t care who knows this and if you are a pumpkin pie spice fan then keep it to yourself and quit spending it around.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I say that those that love it are more than welcome to have mine 😉

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