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This week Prairie Wife and I were finally together in the same place for the first time in two years. So we decided that this would be the perfect time for you to get to know us a bit better. I am the older (some say wiser) sister with a corporate edge, empty nest and precious grandbaby. Prairie Wife is the busy mother of four whose days start early (we are writing this at 4:30 a.m.), end late and have unexpected “adventures” in between.

PW gave me the assignment to come up with a Saturday blog about sisters, so I decided we should compare and contrast a “typical” day for each of us through our fashion choices. The categories will be weekday wardrobe, wonderful workouts and a night out with our hubbies or the girls. I hope you enjoy this day of fashion with PrairieWifeInHeels.com little and getting to know us a bit better!

Weekday Wardrobe

TTS: I am in management in a somewhat conservative organization. While most people feel comfortable in “casual corporate,” I Anne day outfitam often in a role that requires I represent the company, so I go a bit more polished. I love jewel tones, so I have a sapphire tank that has a modest cut (read no cleavage; fodder for another post…). The houndstooth jacket is double knit but the belt keeps it from looking sloppy. I bought the black pants 10 years ago, but they still look great and reinforce the philosophy that you should buy quality basics. New coworkers know me as “the lady in heels,” and I never disappoint! [Michael Stars tank from Bay Window in Rockport, TX, Xtaren jacket from Rural Roots in Johnson City, TX, Harold’s pants and Guess booties from Nordstrom Rack]

PW: While we both chose hoodies, mine is less “casual corporate” and more just plain casual! Most Prairie Wife Day Lookof my weekdays are full of running kids to and fro from school, playdates at friends’ houses, and keeping up with the mess we seem to always have here at the Prairie Homestead. While I do dress up for errands and volunteer days, at least four days a week my sweats are my uniform. Wearing a matching track suit makes me feel a little more put together as I run in to get Cowboy W from preschool with Cowbaby on my hip. [Track suit from Victoria’s Secret PINK, T-shirt from Target, Rocket Dog Tennis Shoes from Amazon.com]

Wonderful Workouts

TTS: If I don’t exercise right after work it’s not going to happen. It also takes a village to keep me motivated, Texas Two Steppin' Workoutand I have the best group of ladies at Zumba. The Texan claims that I only workout because it means I get a whole new wardrobe of exercise clothes (partially true). He also gives me grief about the drop crotch pants, but I love my “poopy pants,” and Heidi Klum endorsed them on an episode of Project Runway so they must be fashionable. [Outfit from Zumba.com and Nikes from Amazon.com]

PW: Because I have the single mom gig during the week, going to workout classes just isn’t an option. My weekly Praire Wife Workout Outfitworkouts consist of Yoga, Jillian Michales DVD’s and running on our dirt road. In the summer TallGirlJ and I take turns watching our kids while we go for a run in the fresh Wyoming mountain air. I can handle running on a treadmill at a hotel when we are out of town, but there is something about feeling the wind and sun on my face that brings me a whole new level of zen. Texas Two Steppin’ couldn’t believe that I was bundling up to go for a run yesterday in 20 degree weather! Nothing gets rid of my mommy stress better than putting on some loud (and sometime raunchy) hip hop tunes, and pushing myself physically to go a little farther and faster each time. As a nursing mom I have to make sure I keep my protein levels up, so post workout I always have a HerbaLife Protein drink. [Champion Tank and Leggings from Target, New Balance Trail Running shoes from Amazon.com]

Night Out

TTS: Believe it or not, Zumba energizes me so I am ready to hang out with The Texan and/or the girls at our local restaurant/brew Texas Two Steppin' Night Outfitpub after a quick rinse and wardrobe change. I find styling going out outfits troublesome and usually rely on my BFF’s advice in this area, but I am proud to say that I did develop this look on my own. I love that I don’t have to wear lot of jewelry with this tunic and that it also looks great with shorts and sandals in the spring. Ripped jeans for the office? No way. At night, they’re perfect. [Black modesty tank from Anthropologie, Lucky Brand tunic and Democracy jeans from Nordstrom Rack]

PW: Nights out with the girls happen pretty rarely around here. My group of friends are so busy with kids and Prairie Wift Night Out Outfithusbands, and with The Cowboy gone all week, our weekends are usually sacred family time. But, on the rare occasion my girls and I get to go out, it’s usually dinner and a movie. A rowdy meal spent catching up, followed by a nice bit of relaxing, grown up TV time…without having to pause the movie to wipe bums or change diapers. I like to dress up for our girl nights, but I still need to be able to sit and move comfortably, and of course I wear heels! [Polka Dot Shirt and Black Jeggings from Target, Vera Wang Nude Pumps from Kohl’s, and Ox Blood Leather Jacket by Sarah Borman]

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2 thoughts on "A Day of Fashion with PrairieWifeInHeels.com"

  1. Big Brother B says:

    An interesting read and I like the idea of basics that you can use again and again. 5/6 of the outfits have allot of blue in them, you know. Lastly, Texas mentions “Harold’s pants from Nordstrom Rack” – give him them back!! HaHa.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Lol as always you make me laugh Big Brother B! And I guess blue is THE color of the season. Wish you could have been here and shared your day of outfits too!

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