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I’ve been seeing red lips everywhere over the last year, and frankly I’ve been dying to try the trend. When I see someone wearing a red lip I immediately think of glamour and more than a little sex appeal, who wouldn’t want that?! But as a stay at home mom who really only gets dressed up for church is a red lip appropriate? I battled with this question for months, and then finally decided to heck with it, I’m rocking red lips! So here is what I did.I started out small with a deep red, more of a berry, lip gloss and started to wear that. I got compliments from The Cowboy and soon I began wearing it for more than church days. Swiping on a deep red lip gloss when all I was wearing was jeans and a sweater, made me feel more sophisticated and put together. After a few months of this I decided I was ready to try red lipstick. I poured over Pinterest links and read magazines to find out what the perfect shade was…it turns out it’s kind of hard to pick from a picture on the computer or magazine.

I sucked it up and went for it, and got a beautiful rich red from Mary Kay. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. When I put my deep red gloss over it, it really looked great, but the glossy red wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I was going for that old Hollywood glamour look, not super shiny sex kitten. I read a few more articles and headed to Target.

I knew that I needed to try again to find the perfect fit. This time I bought a clear lip liner, and went to the L’Oreal makeup section. I had bought a few of their Colour Riche Lipsticks in a bright pink and blood orange color for the summer, I knew they had just the right hint of color and gloss for what I wanted. I took out three reds and held them up to my nails. After all my research about picking the best lipstick I had learned that the pink at the bottom of your nails is a good match for checking lipstick against. I was doubtful but it turns out its true! The color that looked the best next to my nail was the one that ended up looking best on my lips.


I ended up with “True Red” and drove home to try it. I carefully lined my lips with the clear lip liner and filled them in with my new red color…WOW it was RED! I wasn’t sure at first I had made the right move but I decided to wander around the house for a little and see what I thought. As the day went by, and I caught my reflection in the mirror I got more and more used to it, and by the end of the day I was feeling pretty good! I wore it out to the kids’ school the next day and no one batted an eye, I even got a few compliments.When I want my red lipstick to really stand out, I dab some foundation on my lips then apply clear lip liner and the lipstick. I top it off with a little red gloss just in the middle of my bottom lip. On days when I just want a hint of red I put on some EOS lip balm and just do a light coating of red. Red hasn’t become a signature color for me but, it’s nice to use when I want to spice up my look a little bit! I walked away from the experience feeling more confident about trying new things. Wearing it around the house for a day or two really helped me to feel more comfortable with trying my new look in public, and gave me time to decide if it was the right move for me.

What new beauty trend have you tried, how did you make it work for you?

Lip Gloss- Rimmel London Stay Glossy in Timeless Allure
Lip Liner- Maybelline in Clear
Lip Balm- eos
Lipstick- L’Oreal Colour Riche in True Red

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