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Here is a typical school morning (10 minutes before we have to be out the door) at the Prairie Wife Homestead…Cowboy J is sitting on the couch reading. His backpack is packed, he is dressed, and his shoes and jacket are on. Cowgirl G is walking around in her socks, crying loudly “But I just don’t like the way my hair looks in this headband!” Cowboy W is running around in his underwear with his button shirt on upside down (trust me it can be done) shouting “ride ‘em cowboy, yeehaw!” Cowbaby is pooping (I am serious, every morning, without fail, he does this).

I calmly remind everyone of what they should be doing…alright that’s an outright lie. I sternly and loudly tell Cowgirl G to quit fussing and finish getting ready. “Maybe if you got dressed right away like I told you, instead of playing with your dolls, I would have had time to fix your hair the way you want. Try and remember that tomorrow!” I stop Cowboy W as he runs down the hallway, fix his shirt, and ask him to tell me what he still needs to do. He rattles of the list like a pro, turns around, and sets off (I hope) to finish getting ready for preschool. I grab the Cowbaby as I throw the keys at Cowboy J and tell him to open the garage door and start the car. After the very poopy Cowbaby is in a new diaper and clothes, I have 5 minutes to get myself ready. I of course am in the same dingy sweats and the hooded sweatshirt I have had on for the last two days (I throw them on the second I wake up and/or walk in the door from being out and about).

This advice is for what I call around here “A stay at home day.” A day when I don’t have to volunteer or run errands. Those fabulous days when all I have to do is drop off the kids at school and pick them up. I recommend doing a quick sweatshirt and pants check, make sure there is no obvious spit up or dried food. If you do see a large (bigger than a quarter) amount of dried substance on your clothes I recommend changing into a clean (or cleaner) sweatshirt/sweat pants. This also applies for holes larger than a nickel. Trust me, the one day you don’t, will be the day the door to the van sticks and you have to get out in front of everyone.

You will need the following supplies…Get ready in less than 5 minutes

1. A baseball hat. A snow hat will work in a pinch but, you really want the face shading a baseball hat provides.

2. Sunglasses. The bigger the better!

3. Lip gloss. I love the eos brand. It works great, lasts forever, smells delicious, and can be bought at most stores.

If you have long hair put it in a ponytail and slap that hat on. Swipe on your lip gloss, put on your shades and tell the kids to load up. Make sure you do an official head count, and hit the road. You’ll look like a put together pro, as you kiss your kids goodbye and kick them out in the parking lot

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