Wyoming Summers

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I love Summer. For all the obvious reasons…no alarms need to be set, all my Cowkids are home with me (though this can be a double edged sword), the sunshine and amazing Wyoming weather, and the adventures around every corner. This Summer I made absolutely no plans at all. I was unsure of how well I’d be feeling after my preventive mastectomy and didn’t want to over commit.

The result has been a Summer that’s refreshingly wide open.

We’ve spent plenty of time at the many and varied “beaches” of Wyoming

Swimming and splashing in the water (ahh the infamous Prairie Wife in a bikini picture) at our local state park.

beach picWhen we traveled out of town for a wedding we made sure to spend some time soaking up the lovely mountain views while the Cowkids splashed in frigid water.Sandy BeachWhen we couldn’t make it to the beach we made our own water fun, though we may need a bigger pool…

summer pool fun

If the weather is nice, we’ve been hitting the local parks for some tag. LittleMissH isn’t quite sure how to play but is having fun any way!

Cowkids playing tagWhen a Wyoming storm is blowing across the sky we love to sit in the garage and watch it come our way.

wyoming summer stormsWith Mary Poppins here we took a trip to Yellowstone. We didn’t pet any Buffalo or Elk and stayed completely ON the marked trails…and had a great time!

yellowstoneSummer in Wyoming means the Rodeo and we kicked it off at the College National Finals Rodeo.

CNFRZip continues being a wonder dog, and his training is going amazingly well! Just look at this adorable pic of Zippy that Cowboy J took today!


Our Garden is growing. I can’t say it’s flourishing but, if the hail storms stay away this year, we should still have a bountiful harvest!

the gardenThe Summer has been full of just the right amount of busy and relaxation…it probably won’t last but I’m sure planning to enjoy it while it’s here!

time for bedI hope you’re enjoying your Summer too! You see more of our adventures by following us on Instagram.

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4 thoughts on "Wyoming Summers"

  1. Bennie says:

    Hmmm, let’s see if I can describe a CT/NYC summer. One day it’s nice, the next it could be hot and humid, followed by nice, you get the idea. We’ve had a run of nice weather with a small heatwave over Memorial Day weekend – when my bedroom A/C died. I have a new one now and have yet to turn it on but I’m ready for the next heatwave.

    We do have beaches here. In my hometown it’s LI sound so not the ocean with waves but it is a beach. I haven’t been there yet, didn’t buy a beach pass (yes, to go I have to buy a pass for my own town). Lots to do in my area too between church carnivals, arts & crafts fairs, food fairs, NYC parades if you want to brave the crowds, night-time concerts in area towns, outdoor movie screenings in public parks (a new thing the past few years) and all the usual summer activities with family and friends.

    I’m glad you are healing and enjoying your carefree summer. I do have a small deck with some plantings (some flowers, a pot with mini tomatoes and jalapenos and some herbs) but nothing like your garden.


    1. Prairie Wife says:

      No AC with high humidity is SO rough! I’ll take the windy dry heat of the Prairie any day. It would be fun to have so many different things to do so close by in the summer. We have some great fairs and carnivals too but, I’m sure they don’t have the variety you have. Our garden is still a bit touch and go so you still may end up ahead of us lol 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Perfect Wyoming Summer! I love the storm coming across the prairie picture especially!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Thanks Karen, it’s so fun to watch them come rolling in! Hope you are enjoying the summer with your kiddos 🙂

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