Closet Cravings July/August 2021

Posted July 6, 2021

July and August are here, and so far it has been a HOT Summer around here. Like…SO hot. My closet cravings this month are all about staying cool in the heat while still looking cute! Chunky Sandals Finally, summer footwear that anyone can wear! These chunky sandals are cute, comfortable,… Read More »

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Moody and Broody

Posted June 23, 2021

Moody and broody. That is definitely the best way to describe how I have felt the last few days. Some of it is simply being tired after running my booty off with a more full than usual week of work, and a packed month before that of working solo on… Read More »

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Summer Recipe Roundup

Posted July 26, 2019

I usually don’t mind cooking, in fact, I really enjoy it. I’m not a huge fan of blogging about it (I suck at taking pictures and writing recipes is kind of boring to me), yet I for sure use Pinterest for recipe inspiration all the time. Something about these super… Read More »

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Award Winning Dandelion Jelly

Posted May 2, 2018

Dandelion jelly is one of my favorite childhood memories.  Wait let me correct that…EATING dandelion jelly is one of my favorite childhood memories. Picking all the dandelion heads so Ma could make the jelly is one of my LEAST favorite memories. Cowboy C tasted some of this batch of Dandelion… Read More »

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