The Irony of Mother’s Day

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I’ve shared with you how my first Mother’s Day went, and though there have been a few more flubs over the years most of the time The Cowboy does a pretty good job! Last weekend we sat down and enjoyed a few rare minutes of quiet and The Cowboy asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I gave him my canned answer of “A puppy” and then refused to give him any help. After all part of the fun of getting gifts is seeing what he and the Cowkids pick out! He asked if I wanted to do anything special and I paused for a moment. After a few minutes of thought I came up with a list…

pampering1. No changing diapers.
2. No disciplining kids or having to respond to any of their whining.
3. I want to both sleep in AND take a nap.
4. No cooking or cleaning of any kind.
5. The opportunity to take a bath that lasts more than 15 minutes.
6. Uninterrupted time to lazily read a magazine or book.
7. Lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles and general adoration (physical pampering is great as well) from my entire family.

So…pretty much other than number 7 I would like my Mother’s Day to be the exact opposite of what I do every single day as a mother…see the irony!

It’s funny because usually around dinner time on Mother’s Day I’m feeling a little bored and lonely. More often than not I end up grabbing all the kids after dinner, snuggling up on the couch, and watching a movie. I guess it just proves that I’m in the right profession after all!

What do you like to do for Mother’s Day?

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