An Up Close Look: Yon-ka Facial

Posted May 7, 2019

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and one of my favorite gifts (hint hint someone please share this with The Cowboy) is a gift card to my fav local spa. It’s the gift of self-care and guilt-free pampering and my zen lasts for weeks afterward. With all the facial and… Read More »

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The Irony of Mother’s Day

Posted May 2, 2015

I’ve shared with you how my first Mother’s Day went, and though there have been a few more flubs over the years most of the time The Cowboy does a pretty good job! Last weekend we sat down and enjoyed a few rare minutes of quiet and The Cowboy asked… Read More »

Categories: Life As It Happens

A Mother Is…

Posted May 11, 2014

I loved this picture and it made me laugh when I saw it…so true isn’t it. So often we as mother’s (and step-mothers, and even grandmas and aunts) get stuck in the daily drudgery of motherhood. Cooking, cleaning, disciplining, loving, teaching…and wake up and repeat! Too often I find myself… Read More »

Categories: Life As It Happens, Parenting

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