Drop Everything and Take a Bath #giveaway

Posted February 4, 2015 by Prairie Wife - 18 comments

As we draw nearer to the birth of CowBaby5 I find that I am trying to squeeze in  a little more than my usual amount of alone time. After all, I know that soon enough my days will be a never ending cycle of feeding children, trying to keep up on the basics of housekeeping (emptying trash and laundry…doing dishes, vacuuming, and mopping will no longer be a priority), and sleeping for only an hour at a time. Notice showering is not on the list…and forget about a long luxurious bath!

The Cowboy has been a gem lately and I’ve had no problem taking advantage of it to go to the movies and lounge and read a little more than normal. My favorite way to relax is with a long bath in our deep tub. I love to lock the door, grab a magazine or my kindle, and soak away my worries while giving myself a facial. The result is a calmer mommy and a pleasant and cheerful wife!

VBC bath productsA few weeks ago our past Prairie Wife Eliza of Vintage Body Care gave me some of her latest and greatest bath products to try. As soon as I opened up the bath salts and smelled them I knew that I was going to LOVE them and I was not disappointed! Eliza cleverly (and thoughtfully) includes a muslin bag to place the salts in. This way the all natural dried herbs and flowers don’t go down your drain or stick to the sides of your tub..she’s thought of it all! I also added one of her bath melts and was surprised at how luxurious my skin felt after the bath. I didn’t even need to apply lotion…and I am super twitchy about keeping my skin moisturized! Eliza has just the right amount of scent and oils added so that you feel refreshed, clean, and carry just a hint of delicate scent on your skin. The spa soap has a wonderful lather and washes off leaving your skin glowing, clean, and moisturized. Her all natural, handcrafted products are healthy for you, the environment, and affordable!

As part of our We LOVE Our Readers Month of Giveaways Vintage Body Care is Giving away a Spa Package filled with her luxurious bath products! All you NEED to do is go to VintageBodyCare.com and look at all of her amazing Valentine’s Day Packages. Then leave a comment on this post telling us which one you would love! You can earn more points by following us on Social Media! Please be honest we will be checking to make sure you truly follow us.

As an extra bonus for all of our readers Vintage Body Care is offering 10% off all orders on the site for the month of February! Simply enter the code PRAIRIE10 when you checkout, Happy We LOVE Our Readers Month!

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18 thoughts on "Drop Everything and Take a Bath #giveaway"

  1. Bennie says:

    I’ve never heard of bath melts, they sound interesting and the lemon grass sounds yummy. I love citrus scents. The body scrubs sound good now too since we are in the middle of dry winter skin season. I’ve dabbled in making bath salts for family and friends for gifts. It’s fun to add a little food coloring to coordinate with the scent and to experiment with different essential oils.

  2. Amber says:

    I LOVE Vintage Body Care products! Everything I have tried from the lip balm to the pit paste has the best scent and texture! I use it daily <3

  3. Lizzi says:

    These products sound amazing! I haven’t taken a bath since I was in labor with Em, 6 years ago!!!!!!!! I seriously need to rediscover the joy of baths!

  4. Christie says:

    I got the chance to take a relaxing bath not long ago and I definitely would like to keep up this habit as I near the end of my pregnancy! I would love to try all if these products so clearly the ultimate pampering gift would be my number 1 choice!

  5. Ann says:

    I adore her lip balm but have never tired the bath melts. Those sound the the ultimate luxury!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      They are simply amazing! I just bought myself some more!

  6. Vera K says:

    I would love to try the lavender Whipped Body Butter.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I love the Lemon one!

  7. Erica says:

    I love everything I’ve tried. I have the deodorant in tea tree (and it works!) and naked body cream. Love! I looked at the website, and I think if I won I would like to try the Romantic scent. Is that new? I don’t remember smelling it.
    Also, I was thinking….. Would you be able to do refills? To reduce waste?

    1. Eliza says:


      I do recycle customers jars. If you bring them back (CLEAN) with your name on them, next time you order I will take off the cost of the jar and you will get your jars back. After you have ordered the same product twice, you are always getting your own jars back. I’m so glad you are liking the products. And yes, we have some new scents – All of the bath salts/melts are new scents.

    2. Prairie Wife says:

      I love everything too!

  8. amy tolley says:

    i would love to try the body butter they have great products ty for this chance

  9. jil says:

    I am totally going to have to give this all a try!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I know you’ll love it 🙂

  10. Angela Saver says:

    I would love to also try the Coconut Oil Soap – Rosemary Mint!


  11. Amber says:


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