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Texas Two Steppin’: As you know, Prairie Wife is about to give us all another Cowbaby to love. I wanted to find a unique way to welcome my niece/goddaughter into the world and show my little sister how special I think she is. Last week her friends threw her an awesome shower, but my work obligations didn’t allow me to attend. Phooey. So I have commandeered the blog and we are going to have a Virtual Baby Shower! That way all of us can be a part of this special event for!

Just post a comment here or on our Twitter and Facebook pages sharing your congratulations and well wishes for a quick, painless and drama-free delivery! Prairie Wife is not a fan of baby shower games, but she does love to gather guesses on the birth day, weight and length, so be sure to add your thoughts in your note below (I said Feb. 14 ;)).

So let’s get this party started, and to show you how it’s done I’ve enlisted the help of TallGirlJ, BonitaBlueEyes and former Prairie Wife of the Week, Lindsey. P.S.–Love you PW, and I can still surprise you after all these years!

 BonitaBlueEye’s 10 Reasons PW is Amazing and Shouldn’t Stop at #5

1)  She’s real. She’ll always tell the truth in an eloquent way and be herself.

2) She’s a great mother, and should seriously write her own parenting book.

3) She treats everyone the same and will  seriously talk to anyone.

4) She’ll take time from her very busy life to be there for her friends.

5) She taught me that it is okay to not have the house perfect all the time.  Happy children come first.

6) She volunteers much of her time to her church and children’s school.

7) She’s fun. Pure, sober, belly-laughing fun.

8) She understands that to give her best to her family she must care for and take time for herself.

9) She’s willing to acquire all kinds of tough Prairie Wife badges for her family that I couldn’t begin to dream of doing. (She had me feed her horses one day and it about knocked me over).

10) She’s witty and always says the right thing at the right time.

Congratulations on your baby girl, my dear!

 TallGirlJ: I have now had the pleasure of having Prairie Wife in my life for over six years. In this time I have gotten to know her and love her; she is one of my best friends. I have seen her welcome home two of her four babies. I even got to be in the room when she welcomed Cowboy C into this world–what an amazing experience that she shared! I cannot wait to meet Cowbaby 5 and see what she will add to this already amazing family. I am also so glad that we got to share being preggo together; who better to indulge guilt-free with than your BFF! Congratulations and lots of love to this beautiful, smart, caring, giving friend who I tease about getting what she wants (but in truth she deserves all the wonderful blessing she gets)!


Come on, join our Virtual Baby Shower now!

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5 thoughts on "Join Our Virtual Baby Shower!"

  1. Prairie Wife says:

    This was so sweet, girls…and made me tear up. Next time I have a gloomy day I will be sure to stop by and read all the lovely comments 🙂 It’s been so fun to hear all the well wishes from our followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

  2. College BFF says:

    I guess I missed this post when it got posted 😉 Sorry I’m a little late on responding. I love prairiewife to pieces ever since she was hanging out the window of a 12 story building trying to talk to her new neighbor (me). We have pretty much been best friends since that day! She is an amazing woman, writer, mom, psychiatrist (for me lol), and friend. I am so glad that I met her. As for guesses on the baby girl. I will guess feb 13 7lb 12 oz 20 inches long. Love you girl and best of luck on the delivery! You got this!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Aww thanks 🙂 though that’s a little bit bigger of a baby than I’d like….;) fingers crossed I really do “got this” I’ll be calling you to remind of that I’m sure!

  3. What a lucky little one to have you for a Mom and be born to such a loving fun filled family… so excited for you and wishing you a smooth delivery and all things great and wonderful… you all certainly deserve it. I know that everyone sends something for the baby but I am going to send you some goodies for you I think xx

    Big hugs!!! Kendra

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      So sweet, thanks Kendra! We are counting down the days I am officially a ticking time bomb lol! And you know I won’t turn down your kind of goodies (you better believe I have my Heir Atelier Primer in my hospital bag)!

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