Age Is More Than Just A Number

Posted March 30, 2021 by Prairie Wife -

“Age is JUST a number” is a common phrase, but I’m here to say that I don’t think it’s true.

I think that our age is MORE than just a number!

On Sunday I had my 39th birthday.

It’s my last year in my 30’s…and I don’t mind a bit.

I’ve never really struggled too much with getting older.

Maybe it’s because I spent the first two decades of my life eagerly anticipating FINALLY becoming an adult.

As the youngest of 4 kids, and with a sister I idolized who was 10 years older than me, I definitely did not sit still and enjoy my childhood!

I could not wait to become an adult.

And adulthood did NOT disappoint.

Of course, I had years of working my booty off while attending college…but when you’re young and foolish…poverty and days without sleep seem like an adventure.

The first few years of marriage where we struggled to pay the bills was quickly followed by the chaos of a decade straight of childbearing and nursing…which made my 20’s fly by.

I was ecstatic to turn 30 because I thought that is FINALLY when I would truly come into my own.

In my mind, nothing was more beautiful than a sophisticated confident woman in her 30’s.

My 30’s were full of change.

Like, top to bottom FULL of change.

From having two more babies to being done having children and learning what it felt like to move through life day after a full night’s rest (hang in there mamas, the time WILL come).

In my 30’s I created this blog and brand and was at last able to carve out time to do things that fueled my soul.

My 30’s have been amazing.

I learned to say yes to adventure, and through lots and lots of work…I’ve learned that I truly am enough.

Even on my worst day, I AM ENOUGH.

I’ve slain goals, I’ve learned to have hard conversations, and I’ve become more confident in my own skin.

Don’t get me wrong…there have also been struggles with changing friendships, devastating ups and downs, and making one of the hardest choices of my life in the hopes that I would live to see 40.

As I stand here ready to enjoy the heck out of my last year in my 30’s you better believe that I am more than happy to shout my age from the rooftops!

Age is MORE than a number.

It’s wisdom and experience.

It’s memories of the sunshine on my face as I stand on the peak of a mountain.

It’s the smell of my baby’s hair as we rock in the middle of the night, and the overwhelming pride I feel when I see one of my kids accomplish a goal.

It’s scars and pain, it’s strength, and it’s soft kisses hello in the morning.

These 39 years are full of dreams that have come true and battles that were lost…yet I still kept moving forward.

I fought hard to get here, and I think that’s something to celebrate!

So, remember…

Your age is SO much more than just a number.

It’s a beautiful symbol of all the life you’ve led, and it is definitely something to be proud of.

And to help us ALL celebrate…stay tuned for a giveaway coming up soon!

Photo Credit: Ben Winckler and Jessica Sorensen

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