Age Is More Than Just A Number

Posted March 30, 2021

“Age is JUST a number” is a common phrase, but I’m here to say that I don’t think it’s true. I think that our age is MORE than just a number! On Sunday I had my 39th birthday. It’s my last year in my 30’s…and I don’t mind a bit.… Read More »

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Posted September 6, 2019

Alone isn’t a word that most people would use to describe me. Anyone that knows me, would most likely label me as a “people person” and in my youth, I constantly sought out the company of others. I needed to be surrounded by noise, by other people to feel comfortable.… Read More »

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A Slice of Prairie Life

Posted July 13, 2016

Today I made a pie, specifically a Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Making pie from scratch is a specialty of mine (and in my opinion a lost art) and Summer always brings on a plethora of pie baking, it’s one of my favorite things about this Prairie life of mine…having the luxury of time… Read More »

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