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Today I made a pie, specifically a Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

Making pie from scratch is a specialty of mine (and in my opinion a lost art) and Summer always brings on a plethora of pie baking, it’s one of my favorite things about this Prairie life of mine…having the luxury of time to bake.

slice of pieThis particular pie was being made for a special visitor for dinner, our new Parish priest.

As I kneaded the dough, I kept one ear out for the noises of the Cowkids as they played in the windy Wyoming summer sun.

After a morning of nagging and grouching at them to pick up toys, shoes, socks, dirty pants and the multitude of other items that littered our floors, they were happy to escape to the Prairie. They were laughing and working together to create a fort out on our deck. Each child was included in the game, smiles were on all five faces, and I felt completely and utterly blessed to have them, and to know they had each other.

My mind went back to our guest and his homily on Sunday, it was about the heart, and I took a moment to look into mine.

I was surprised that for once it was quiet, simply still and full of only thankfulness and joy.

I was thankful for The Cowboy whose hard work each day allowed me to prepare a feast for our guest.

I relaxed as I rolled the dough and thought of Mary Poppins relaxing and reading in her room, enjoying some quiet but ready to chat and help whenever she was asked.

As I spooned the filling into the crust I thought of the neighbors hands that picked the rhubarb and took the time to bring it over. The times they’ve come by to chat and relax…and that simple pleasure of stopping time for a moment to enjoy friends.

find the blessingsMy hands spread the egg yolk on top and I thought of The Cowboy’s grandma who taught me that little trick, long before I was married to her grandson. Each time I make a pie I think of her…thanking her for the gift of her wisdom and love.

As I slid the pie into the oven and cleaned up the inevitable mess that comes from baking, I was struck with this thought…

There is so much sadness and worry and fear in the world right now.

Perhaps if we all took some time to look into our hearts, to find the thankfulness, the blessings and the joy…we could make the world a little less fearful, a little less sad…and a little more hopeful.




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