Every woman has a little bit of Prairie Wife in her. Love and loyalty to family and friends, determination to follow your dreams and a little bit of sass and style is all you need to call yourself a Prairie Wife. Married or not, if you are a woman of grit and grace, this is the place for you.

Prairie Wife of the Week

Lauren Shoe

I don't have a lot of free time lately, between the blog and all these Cowkids life is pretty crazy around here. But, when I do get time to sit down and relax one of my favorite things to do is to watch TV. While I have a special spot in my heart for reality TV (Ladies of London and Kim of Queens are my current favs) I know that I can never go [Read more...]

More From the Wives…

woody light

10th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest #giveaway

Growing up in The City Ma and Pa didn’t do the whole pumpkin carving thing (mostly because it would have been a pain with four kids, as I now know first hand) nor did we trick or treat at night…or even on Halloween. In The City we Trick or Treated the Sunday afternoon before Halloween. [Read more...]

fall casual

ModCloth.com Layered Looks for Fall 2014

When ModCloth.com approached us and asked PrairieWifeInHeels.com to put together a look for fall to share with our readers I was super excited. After all, here in Wyoming I’ve had my boots and sweaters out for weeks (it’s already snowed twice)! I was especially pleased because ModCloth.com is a site that I’ve used for years, [Read more...]

OZ Natural H Acid

OZ Naturals’ Serums #Giveaway

When OZ Naturals approached PrairieWifeInHeels.com about trying some of their latest products their timing couldn’t be better. As most of you know Texas Two Steppin’ and I are loyal Rodan and Fields gals. Their products have solved a multitude of problems for both of us. From Texas Two Steppin’s skin woes due to her chemo [Read more...]