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Posted March 22, 2024 by Prairie Wife -

Creating form emails and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) is one of the top 10 best uses of your time as a small business owner!

Creating a few form emails right from the start is a good idea when starting a business. This will simplify your life and allow you to respond to your clients quickly.

Now that I’ve had a business for over a decade, my rule of thumb is that if I have to type out the same response three times, it’s worth making a canned email/answer and saving it so that I can copy and paste my response the next time.

Below is a list of form emails that may be helpful and information to help you create your own.

  • Price List
    • Include Services Currently Offered
      • Specific Descriptions
      • Links to Website
      • Timeline for Services
    • Pricing
    • Contact Information
    • Logo
  • Introduction Email
    • Mission Statement
    • How You Can Help Client
    • Personalized Statment
    • Contact Information
    • Logo
  • Polite Refusal
    • List Reason for Refusal
    • Offer Other Options or Resources
    • Contact Information
    • Logo
  • Pitch for New Client
    • Mission Statement
    • Top 3 Services Offered
      • Links to Website
      • Services Offered
    • Contact Information
    • Logo

For answers to the FAQ, I recommend both a page on your website and saving the answers in the Notes App on your phone.

You can also do the same thing with common social media comments.

When someone asks one of the FAQs, you can either send them a link to the website or copy the answer and paste it for your response.

Consider using this same tactic with the services that you offer.

Having a page on your website that clearly lists your services and pricing will save you and potential clients a lot of time!

You can use the same list in your form emails and follow the same strategy above to respond quickly to future clients.

For common social media responses, type them out (including emojis) and save them in the Notes App.

Then, you can copy and paste your responses when you have to use them to respond to followers/clients.

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