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I’ve made it no secret that I love jewelry, and that my style ranges from rocker mom to little old British lady. I purchased my first piece of Silpada Jewelry over 5 years ago, and it’s still a piece I  wear all the time…and get tons of compliments on. It’s made it through three Cowkids and is as sturdy as ever. Part of our Prairie Wife Guarantee is only sharing products that we truly love and use. Not only is Silpada an amazing company that offers hand crafted jewelry in a variety of styles and at prices that won’t break the bank, it’s also a company that allows many women to improve their lives. One such woman is this week’s Prairie Wife of the Week. Her loyalty to Silpada (she’s been a sales rep for 11 years) and her focus on family make her the perfect pick. While I wanted to ask her about Silpada, we went a little deeper, and I asked her to share some of her tips and tricks on how she branched out her sales past her immediate friends and family. I mean honestly, we’ve all been there…I can only go to so many parties before The Cowboy starts to notice the dip in the bank account! She also gives some practical advice on hosting a party, after all she’s been to hundreds!

As part of our One Year Anniversary celebration we are giving away a fabulous pair of Silpada Balancing Act Earrings! Not only are they super on trend (check out our Fall 2014 Beauty and Accessory Trends: Dos and Don’ts) but they are a sleek and chic style that will accent any style! All you HAVE to do is leave a comment telling us what your favorite kind of jewelry is! Earn extra points by following us on social media. Please be honest, we will be checking to see if you are following!

stephani shoes

Prairie Wife (PW): First tell us a little bit about your family.

Stephani (S): I grew up in Nebraska but now currently live in Wheatland, Wyoming. I have 17 year old twins and a 16 year old. My husband and I own a title business. Between our business, a house full of active teenagers, and my own social life I find that it’s pretty easy to stay busy!

PW: You’ve been selling Silpada Jewelry for 11 years; can you tell us how you first got involved?

spiceS: When I lived in Nebraska a good friend of mine was selling Silpada jewelry. While I initially took a look at her catalog to be a good friend, I soon found myself addicted to the fashionable jewelry that I could actually afford! While living in Nebraska I never really considered selling, simply because my young children took all of my time (and energy). When our family moved to Wyoming I didn’t really know anyone, and things were overwhelming at first between establishing our title company and getting the kids settled in. Once things were more under control I began to look for ways to meet more people in the community. I thought selling Silpada Jewelry would be a stress free and simple way to put myself out there and make new friends.

PW: How has selling Silpada Jewelry helped you and your family?

S: The biggest thing for me is that it helped me to meet people in my community and the surrounding areas. It turned our new town into a place we just can’t imagine leaving. I can honestly say that I have met some of my lifelong friends through selling Silpada. It was a way for me to help supplement our income and support my kids in their activities. With three active kids those sports fees and uniform costs add up quickly!

PW: Any advice for other women interested in becoming a part of the Silpada team?

S: The best advice I have for people thinking about joining Silpada, is to take time and think about the purpose behind the decision. Think about what you want, are you trying to meet people or make money? Once you have a direction and a goal you can focus on that. That’s what I love about the company, you can move as far forward as you want. Also, you know with Silpada, you are selling quality sterling jewelry that looks expensive yet offers a great price. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and is a company and brand you can be proud to be a part of.

PW: A lot of women are supplementing their income by selling products. Do you have any advice for how they can branch out past their immediate group of friends and family?

Topit offS: For me personally I always wear my jewelry, it really speaks for itself. With kids in sports and traveling out of town so often, I use those events as an opportunity to approach new people. I’m not a big “pusher” of my jewelry (as I said it really speaks for itself). I simply talk to them about everyday life and make a personal connection with them. More often than not this will eventually lead to me selling them jewelry or booking a party and, if it doesn’t, I still benefit from having met a new person. I’m just not comfortable being an “in your face” seller. Another easy way to branch out is to ask your friends and customers to take a few catalogs and spread them around their place of work or other events they attend like ballet practice or swim lessons.

PW: How do you find a balance between being a women, wife, mother, career woman, and Silpada Sales Rep?!

S: I prioritize what’s most important. I put my family first and put them up on the calendar first. If I can do one party a month great, if not, no biggie. I find that there is time to fit in the things that matter if you can stay organized and focused. My calendar should really get most of the credit not me, it’s what keeps it all in balance!

PW: In 11 years of selling Silpada Jewelry you’ve been to a lot of parties. Can you give us some dos and don’ts for hosting a great party?

partyS: I go to my parties to have a good time and meet women. I act like a guest and mingle. I find that the “low key approach” is the best way to go. The hostess sets the mood, and they know their crowd the best. From what I’ve seen the more simple, the better. Don’t think you have to throw the party of the year and put out a full spread. If you want to do a wine and cheese tasting or just desserts do it! If my customers want ideas all they have to do is ask me and I’ll certainly offer support. Theme parties are fun and easy to plan… beach, wine, Holiday, cupcake, and margaritas…just stop by Pinterest and get inspired. I can also do a catalog party or a Facebook party but, I find it actually takes more time and energy for the hostess to do those than a regular party.

PW: Any favorite dishes that are always a hit with guests?

S: The simpler the better. If it’s too elaborate people get nervous about trying things. You can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers or chips and salsa. People get stressed out about making it perfect. So often everyone is so excited to get out of the house, that they are just happy to be there! Keep it simple and easy.

PW: Silpada has a great range of jewelry designs, can you share a few of your favorite looks and styles, and maybe what you like to wear them with?

About TownS: My number one pick is their watches! I like them because it is a statement piece, I always get compliments on it and it makes any outfit feel put together. One very popular piece right now the Saturday Knight Necklace and the Winding River Earrings go with everything! Another thing I like about today’s jewelry trends is anything goes, mix and match colors and metals. Silpada makes it affordable to buy a variety or pieces you can combine to show your own personality and style. I can wear the jewelry with jeans and a plain white t and let it speak for itself, or use it to fancy up my LBD. With a range of prices from $19-$300 it fits just about anyone’s budget.

PW: Any last Prairie Wife words of wisdom?

 S: The secret to having it all is believing that you all ready do.

DON’T FORGET TO ENTER TO WIN! As part of our One Year Anniversary celebration we are giving away a fabulous pair of Silpada Balancing Act Earrings! Not only are they super on trend (check out our Fall 2014 Beauty and Accessory Trends: Dos and Don’ts) but they are a sleek and chic style that will accent any style! All you HAVE to do is leave a comment telling us what your favorite kind of jewelry is! Earn extra points by following us on social media. Please be honest, we will be checking to see if you are following!

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46 thoughts on "Prairie Wife of the Week October 10, 2014 #giveaway"

  1. Ma says:

    I am just getting into sterling jewelry and love the gazillions of earring styles out there!!

  2. College BFF says:

    I’m not huge into jewelry but every once in awhile I like a necklace if it doesn’t make me break out in hives.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      If you win you can always regift them to YOUR College BFF 😉

  3. Hannah says:

    Love those earrings!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I really wanted to keep them lol!

  4. Karen Szewczyk says:

    I love Silpada Jewelry, especially the new necklaces that are coming out this year.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I know SO many great pieces!

  5. Leslie Dickerson says:

    Love Silpada jewelry. I always get compliments especially on my beloved lariat pearl and leather piece.. Having a friend that sells it keeps the new jewelry in sight…a temptation that I often give in to…happily!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I bet it would be hard to resist!

  6. sara giresi says:

    I love simple, classic designs!

  7. Connie says:

    Oh, earrings…definitely earrings. I like that I can wear them no matter I’m doing and they stay out of my way 🙂

  8. Birdiebee says:

    My favorite kind of jewelry to wear is stud earrings.

  9. Donna Teller says:

    I love chains especially a nice chain necklace or colored chain bracelet.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Ohh that bracelet sounds cool!

  10. G says:

    I live fun unique earrings……they are my most favorite jewelry to wear…..that and a pendant my hubby gave me a few years ago that I wear nearly everyday…, love these earrings though, they are perfect for me! Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Sounds great, hope you stop by again!

  11. Angela Saver says:

    I love wearing simple earrings, silver & gold both!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Simple yet so chic I am sure!

  12. Allyson Tice says:

    My wedding and engagement rings of course!

  13. cindy jones says:

    earrings are my favorite piece of jewlery

  14. I am a fan of white gold or silver.

  15. Marjorie Roy says:

    I like wearing classic jewellery that never goes out of style.

  16. I love wearing rings especially if they are sparkly

  17. Annmarie W. says:

    I love bangle bracelets!

  18. megan tilley says:

    I love earrings or rings.

  19. Mandy Kauffman says:

    I love to wear earrings and necklaces. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  20. Nancy Loring says:

    I love bracelets because I can mix and match different bracelets depending on what I am wearing.

  21. kemberly crosswhite says:

    i usually throw on a couple bracelets and go with it 😉

  22. Alisha H. says:

    I like wearing necklaces. I think they can complete any outfit and change it into so many looks.

  23. jessica s says:

    I’m all about simple but classy jewelery! nothing too big and flashy for me!

  24. Nancy says:

    My wedding ring and my engagement ring are my favorite pieces of jewelry to wear.

  25. Ashley P says:

    These earrings are beautiful! My favorite piece of jewelry to wear is my wedding ring of course!

  26. Mary Jo says:

    I MUST have a pair of earrings on before I leave the house…can’t walk around with holes in my ear lobes!!! lol

  27. Mandy Haynes says:

    I love to wear earrings!

  28. latanya says:

    I love earrings

  29. Pam C. says:

    I like simple jewelry. It looks beautiful without being too too much.

  30. laurie brown says:

    earrings and bracelets

  31. Missy Marie says:

    I like silver and white gold the best. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Rings too!

  32. Donna L says:

    My favorite jewelry are earrings.

  33. Joy N says:

    matching earring/necklace sets

  34. claire says:

    I love to wear earrings!

  35. jodi says:

    I love bracelets and anklets

  36. Deanna Middendorf says:

    I love all jewelry. I do try to always have earrings in though so I’ll say earrings of some type.

  37. Crissie Woolard says:


  38. grace renee says:

    I love wearing dangly earrings (:

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