CowBaby5 Boy or Girl: Part 1

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As with all things that happen here on the Prairie Homestead what started out as a routine 20 week ultrasound turned into so much more this Tuesday. Don’t worry none of this is bad…just nothing I had planned occurred.

gender of babyLet me give you some background. The Cowboy and I solve a lot of our marital “problems” through compromise. We have found that allowing both of us to win and lose a little bit works well for us. For example in regards to picking names for our Cowkids, The Cowboy names any boys and I name any girls. We come up with a list of 3 or 4 names that we both agree on (after hours of “discussion”) and then after the baby is born either he or I pick the name that we think fits best. For picking if we should find out the sex of the baby I picked to find out for our first, and then it was his turn for the next baby. We found out what we were having for the first two Cowkids.

Technically, this compromise meant that when it came time for Cowboy W’s ultrasound (Cowkid #3) it was my turn to decide. But, The Cowboy pitched such a fit that despite me wanting to NOT find out I gave in and we learned we were having a boy. When it came time for Cowboy C’s ultra sound (Cowkid #4) I put my foot down. The Cowboy had broken the cycle of compromise and I really wanted to be “surprised”. I have to put that in quotes because with each Cowkid at about 8 weeks of pregnancy I’ve said what sex I think the baby is…and at this point I haven’t been wrong yet. I knew we were having a boy but I didn’t officially know. By Cowkid #4 not much was going to be a surprise, not to mention we had everything we needed neatly labeled and organized. It would be simple to just grab the newborn boy or girl bin and add a few pink or blue touches to our gender neutral nursery. It was SO fun to not know what we were having. The video of the Cowkids coming in to meet the baby and finding out it was a boy is priceless!

When we found out CowBaby5 was on the way I knew I wanted to be “surprised” again and, like always, The Cowboy wanted to find out. I stood firm in my decision but something a little unexpected happened. Our Cowkids are all getting older, the two oldest are now 8 and 6…and they REALLY wanted to find out. Cowboy W is only 4 but he picked up on the vibe and all of them have been ganging up on me for the last month and begging to find out if it’s a boy or girl. The Cowboy and I decided to let all the Cowkids come to the ultrasound and I was still firm about not finding out. We all crowded into the ultrasound room and our amazing OB began the ultrasound.

Cowbaby5 ultrasoundThe kids were absolutely amazed at the pictures of the baby, and it made it so fun to watch their faces as the baby kicked and waved and shouted at them. Cowboy J was fascinated with being able to see the heart and stomach and Cowboy W was laughing hysterically at all the baby’s “ninja moves”. Cowgirl G thought that the baby waving and opening and closing its mouth was the cutest thing ever. Cowboy C just spent the whole time trying to dig in the Hazard Waste trash can.

When it came time to check the sex of the baby our OB said “You guys didn’t want to find out right?” The Cowkids immediately started to jump up and down and plead with me to find out. My heart couldn’t stand it so I told the Dr. to find out. The Cowboy immediately said “What, no! You said no!” I explained my change of heart as the Dr. sat staring at us and the Cowkids held their breath waiting to hear what The Cowboy had to say (I personally feel like he was being a big traitor). We went back and forth with yes and no and our poor OB’s blood pressure began to rise, not to mention her neck was probably starting to hurt from looking back and forth at us. I told her to look and she agreed the mother is always right…only to have The Cowboy mention how he was the one that paid the bills…Finally true to our marriage The Cowboy offered a compromise.

He said we could find out but, that whatever sex the baby was, we were going home and getting rid of all the baby clothes we wouldn’t need. The silence was deafening…I think we can all agree that finding out what the baby’s sex is and deciding we are done having kids AND getting rid of baby clothes is two completely different things…

What would you have done?
Did we find out if Cowbaby5 is a boy or a girl?
Look at the picture what’s your guess?

Stop by Monday for the rest of the story!

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2 thoughts on "CowBaby5 Boy or Girl: Part 1"

  1. Erica says:

    I love hearing these stories about your family. So special! I can’t wait to read the sequel.

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