I am NOT a Morning Person #giveaway

Posted October 8, 2014 by Prairie Wife - 63 comments

School began a little over a month ago and while I can say that we have settled into our routine it is still no fun…at all. On days I have to shower I get up at 6 to give myself time to get ready before the Cowkids have to be up at 6:30 . Let me say that by “get up” I mean turn off the alarm, roll over and start my to-do list for the day in my head, check the clock and see it’s 6:15 already, bounce out of bed (as fast as a preggo mom can) and quickly shower. I throw on my ratty old bathrobe and it’s time to get the Cowkids up, by this I mean holler down the hallway and steps, no sweet kisses here.

morning momThe Cowboy always goes on and on about the full breakfast’s his mom sent him off with every day, while hinting that cereal or yogurt isn’t the best way to start the day (I have to add that I also serve them fresh fruit). I notice that on Monday’s (he takes the kids to school Monday’s which I love) he’s busy showering and getting ready and not making eggs and bacon for breakfast…As the kids are eating I’m running back and forth to my bathroom to slap on clothes, or some moisturizer, or blow dry my roots (who has time for the whole head of hair)…I shove some food down my throat and try to get lunches made while not wasting too much time standing with the fridge door open trying to remember what I needed!

After much nagging (grouchier and louder each time I have to say “stop talking and eat”) and warnings about watching the clock (“5 more minutes to eat I don’t care if you’re done or not”) the kids get their breakfast down their throats and it’s time to get dressed. There is no sense in getting dressed first because you know they are just going to spill milk or yogurt on their shirt anyway. Cowboy C sits on the potty while I slap on some makeup (trying to remember to use liner on both eyes) and hopefully I come back to find the pee in the potty, not on the rug. I get Cowboy C dressed (on super busy days Cowboy J and Cowgirl G will help by getting him dressed) and holler at the kids to get on shoes, load up backpacks and head to the van.

As we pull out of the garage as carefully as I can (I don’t want to run over any Cowcats or Cowkittens) I see the horses peering over the corral fence and shooting me dirty looks. I pull the van to the barn and feed the horses their hay, while trying to keep the hay rage down to a minimal level.

Hopefully by 7:30 we are hitting the Highway for the 30 minute drive into town. Thankfully that 30 minutes allows me to get my blood pressure down and I can be back to my “normal” pleasant, loving and cheerful self by the time I need to kiss the kids goodbye at school!

MIXIM Blueberry Cookie BitesTwo weeks ago the lovely people at Ehrmann who created the MIXIM heart-shaped Greek Yogurt line of products, approached me about trying their yogurt. After showing them our Prairie Wife Guarantee I agreed to try their Yogurt. It just became available at out local Safeway store and, the Cowkids love yogurt. As I said above, it’s a breakfast must around here! To say that the Cowkids loved MIXIMS would be an understatement. They were ecstatic to pick a flavor to try, Cowgirl G just had to have waffles and maple syrup. Both the bigger Cowboys followed their sweet tooth and picked flavors with chocolate. We opened the containers and they giggled as they played “chef” and mixed in the perfect amount of add ins to their yogurt. Cowboy C got very into the stirring…it was bath night anyway. The yogurt was tasty, healthful, and fun to eat (it went down the hatch so quickly we got to school 5 minutes early) and the Cowkids all gave it two slightly sticky thumbs up.

The people at Ehrmann have offered to give one lucky PrairieWifeInHeels.com reader a giveaway of the entire MIXIM heart-shaped Greek Yogurt line! Simply enter the giveaway below and in one week we will announce the winner. The entire MIXIM heart-shaped Greek Yogurt line will show up at your door ready for you and your family to enjoy!

All you have to do to win the entire line of MIXIM Greek Yogurt is leave a comment at the bottom of this post, telling me what morning looks like at your house! Earn more points by following us on social media. Please be honest, we will be checking to make sure you truly are following us.

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63 thoughts on "I am NOT a Morning Person #giveaway"

  1. College BFF says:

    I want to try it for maliyah!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Cowboy C totally loved it!

  2. Ma says:

    I don’t have any kids at home now ( unless you can count “Pa”) but enjoy Greek yogurt and would love to try personalizing it!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I bet you’d like the raspberry chocolate one!

  3. Hannah says:

    sounds delightful!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I know you’d love them!

  4. Veronica says:

    My Yaretzi loves yogurt!! She’ll be excited to try it when I get a chance to pick some up!!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I bet you’d love it too 🙂

  5. Brittany Koelmel says:

    I drag myself out of bed, clean the apartment, then walk a couple miles to my college for class. Its a drag but at least Im alive!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Sounds relaxing to me 😉

  6. David says:

    We start by dragging the kids out of bed and hounding them to get showered. Then they usually eat a warm breakfast.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’m not looking forward to having to have some shower in the am too!

  7. Dandi D says:

    I get up at 5 every morning to get things done, I make a lunch for my hubby and make a full breakfast every morning.

  8. Connie says:

    I start every morning with a tall glass of water, brush my teeth, get dressed and head out for a walk to energize, relax and center myself for the rest of the day….before anyone gets up because then it just gets crazy here 🙂

  9. Teresa Thompson says:

    I am not a morning person so its always a slow start for me.

  10. Nancy says:

    Morning is fairly quiet at our house since we are retired. Hubby wakes up about 4:30 AM and I wake up around 6:30 AM and we start our day. We love yogurt with any meal or for a snack.

  11. janetfaye says:

    I wake up around 6 or 7, have a cup of tea and some yogurt or a banana and get ready for work.

  12. Diana Hatch says:

    Mornings begin early at my house

  13. Alisha H. says:

    My mornings drag, because I don’t get enough sleep. They consist of taking care of my daughter and then housework which I barely have the energy to do.

  14. Rachel V says:

    Most morning consist of waking the kids up and getting my daughter ready for school. Although occasionally she wakes me up. We drop her off, run some errands and then I get to hang out with my 2 year old son. It’s nice to have cuddle time without the other one getting jealous.

  15. Corey Olomon says:

    As the single parent to three kids (all in different schools), mornings are a mad house around here!!!

  16. megan tilley says:

    My mornings are dependant on my daughter she rules the roost, she is two months old so I am on her schedule!

  17. Kerrie Mayans says:

    My mornings are chaotic. I have to wake up four kids, help them pack their lunches, catch their carpools or get in my car and pick up the rest of our carpool on time.

  18. Donna L says:

    I have no kids at home so every morning is pretty quite. I get up, get dressed and have breakfast.

  19. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Can be hectic, with two sons to get ready for school.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      May the force be with you 😉

  20. Sheila K. says:

    Usually I’m awakened around 3AM by a kitty screaming for HIS breakfast; that would be a good opportunity for me to eat some Greek yogurt!

  21. Fiona N says:

    I’m not a morning person, and my morning depends on my baby, too!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      They rule the roost for the first year or so!

  22. Mandy Kauffman says:

    Right now my mornings are focused on our newborn, and my hubby has most of the duty of getting our 4-yr old out the door since he as full on daycare drop off duties these days! haha Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      This MIXIM yogurt would be a great way for you all to have an easy start to your day, good luck!

  23. Missy Marie says:

    Our mornings are pretty chaotic! Getting better though:)

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Is there hope for us?!

  24. Christina Anne says:

    I’m not a morning person but have to wake up early to get ready…I take a nap the first chance I get, otherwise it’s hard for me to get thru the day.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I hear you on the naps!

  25. claire says:

    they are slow, im not a morning gal

  26. Marcia Goss says:

    We’re up at 6, my husband makes coffee and gets the paper, and we have coffee in bed while catching up on the news.

  27. Angela Saver says:

    My mornings are pretty relaxed now that my kids are older, so I can have a cup of coffee with my hubby & start the day off slow!

  28. Jenny says:

    My mornings are pretty hectic. Most of my time is spent getting my kids up and ready for school. Once the kids are at school it is time for me to relax and get myself ready for the day.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’m looking forward to the time when they are all in school and I can have that too!

  29. Donna Teller says:

    Our mornings tend to be rushing to get ready and get out the door.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I know us too…always a rush!

  30. Audra watts says:

    Mornings require 2 cups of coffee

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      That’s how The Cowboy does it too!

  31. wen budro says:

    My mornings are slow and confused….I’m not a morning person at all.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      There is only so much coffee can do for us…

  32. Stephanie O'Day says:

    Grumpy!! I’m sooo not a morning person!

  33. georgey c. says:

    I’d have to say usually boring, lack of thrills, and always looking for something good to eat or drink for breakfast

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Well, boring could be a nice change from our chaos!

  34. Samantha Hill says:

    CrAzY! With 5 kiddos between the ages of 6 months up to 13 years…crazy, crazy & I love it! 🙂

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Oh how I can relate lol!

  35. Rachel says:

    My mornings can be summed up in one word “crazy”.

  36. G says:

    Well, until very recently my mornings were hectic but now my step daughter is off to college so mornings are very relaxed and laid back around here…..even my shelties enjoy sleeping in and will stay in bed as long as I will let them before going out in the am! Hubby is a yoghurt fanatic and my dogs LOVE taking turns licking the empty container out when he’s done. He would be thrilled to try these out. To him yoghurt is perfect anytime of the day or night! Lol. Thanks for the Chance to win…. And wishing u oh calm and peaceful mornings…..atleast on the weekends!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’m a little jealous 😉

  37. Leela says:

    They are crazy busy.

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