What a New Mom NEEDS for the House and Bathroom

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This should be the end of my lists for new moms! I already let you know what I think you need in your diaper bag, hospital bag, car, and nursery. Now, this last list, is what I think you need in your bathroom and house to survive that first year of motherhood. I’ve listed the brands that I like, and that have made it through all four Cowkids (and all the other kids that come over) and are still working just as well as ever. When I can, I’ve included links (most can be bought at Amazon.com and Target) so all you have to do it click to take a closer look at my favorite things. Since you usually have at least a few months notice before the baby is born, I recommend doing some price shopping. A lot of times on-line can offer you free shipping and discounts you can’t find in a store. Also, other than for car seats, shopping second hand and hitting up garage sales is an excellent way to keep your costs down. A few of my friends and I even rotate the bigger items (which only works if your kids are born at different times)!

PS Was Cowgirl G not the chubbiest baby ever?!


3 hand towels-I have to explain this…I don’t use the baby bathtubs or seats. I simply fill the tub with an inch of perfectly warm water and baby in bathbath soap, lay down the hand towel, and put the baby on it. I think they stay warmer (and happier) this way and, it really lets their bum get a good soaking.

2 towels for the baby (the ones with a hood are cute but not necessary)

Baby Body and Hair wash (Burt’s or Alveeno work great on my babies dry and sensitive skin)

2 Baby washcloths (they really are so much gentler on their skin)

Everything Else You Need for the House

Car Seat and base (For all my kids I have used a Graco Snug Ride)

Car seat cover (for colder Wyoming weather Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peak Cover, warmer weather Cozy Car Seat Sun and Bug cover)

Stroller (Graco Stroller, car seat snaps in or child can lay/sit up to 40lb)

Basket to keep supplies downstairs if you have a two level house (trust me you don’t want to walk up and down)- Put in diapers, wipes, rag,diaper cream, extra set of clothes, and a blanket

Swing (Fisher Price Cradle Swing)exersaucer

Vibrating bouncer (Fisher Price Bouncer)

*If you have to make a choice between swing and bouncer, I say buy a bouncer!

Some already filled formula bottles in case nursing isn’t working for you (you can find them at any store)

Bottles and Dishwasher Bottle cage (wait to buy these until you decide how you are going to feed the baby)

Pacifiers (I only had one kid ever use one, and it was only for a few months. I advise that you just get a few until your baby lets you know what he/she prefers (NUK is best for nursing babies))

High chair/Booster seat (not needed for 5 months, Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat)

Pack and Play (It’s debatable if you need one. I use it to keep the baby in our room at night next to me for the first 4 months, and then The Cowboy uses it when he has the baby outside in the barn with him, Graco)

Activity mat/gym (not needed until 4 months)

Exersaucer (not until 5 months, I like the standing ones better than jumping)

Sling (or baby carrier)-I could not get anything done without one of these, and they are so great when traveling with kids!

Did I leave something out? What do you think a new mom needs?

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8 thoughts on "What a New Mom NEEDS for the House and Bathroom"

  1. Lish says:

    First of all holy smokes I forgot how chubby cowgirl G was. Second thanks for taking the time to put your list out it was super helpful for me even with the little changes each mom might have to make to it.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I know right lol…crazy! SO happy it was helpful to you!

  2. Erica says:

    Phew… Looks like I’m ready! I think I’ve read all of your lists, but do you have anything about nipple shields? They are crucial for me for starting to nurse!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’ve never used them so I didn’t think to add them. Thanks for letting our readers know!

  3. Lizzi says:

    I love your lists! Not a ridiculous amount of stuff, and I love that you put ages next to the ones not needed right away! I have some things to get before this baby but your lists will certainly be in hand when shopping since pregnancy brain gets the best of me all to often!
    Love that pic of cowgirl G! Those dimples are still just as sweet!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Thanks I am such a list gal, they are all over the house lol! That pregnancy brain is just as deadly as baby brain, glad we can help 🙂 I usually don’t do pics of the kids but I HAD to do that one lol!

  4. Amy says:

    As a mother of a now 13 yo and also a 27 year old…I would put in my diapering basket waterproof changing pad…always great to protect the surface and your lap from the inevitable leakage from baby. I also think the best thing they came out with was a wipe warmer! Awesome to be able to transition from breast to clean diaper without baby waking up from a cold wipe from that last diaper change before putting back to sleep

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      That’s a great pointer! I have lots of friends that have had the wipe warmer and loved it too 🙂

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