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This post has been 30 years in the making and I hope you don’t judge me too harshly on my fashion addiction!

You see, I grew up in the ’80s–long before the Internet, cable TV, and viral videos. I first became aware of “brands” when I would sneak a peek at Ma’s Good Housekeeping or Redbook magazine. I can still remember some of the ads for Calvin Klein, Dr. Scholl’s, Tretorn, Sperry and Gloria Vanderbilt, and after my homework was done I would daydream of owning one of these designer pieces “someday.”

When I transitioned from a very small, sheltered grade school to a huge public high school, I was suddenly surrounded by labels. It seemed like everyone was wearing Forenza and Esprit sweaters, Outback Red skirts, Guess jeans, Izods, Reebok high tops, and Ralph Lauren polo shirts. Everyone except poor, pitiful, fashion deprived me. And when I was a sophomore in high school and one of my girls introduced me to Elle magazine I learned about brands like Chanel, Coach, Hermes, and Gucci that were even further out of my reach.

Now today, as an adult and a parent, I fully understand the many sound reasons why Ma and Pa didn’t indulge my fashion fantasies. And even as a teenager I got it, but I didn’t like it and it didn’t make me want those expensive items less. So I promised myself that one day I would have a truly designer piece, no matter what. Let’s call it a fashion bucket list full of luxury brands that fit my body and style like a glove.

Fast forward to 2005, when I finally got up enough courage to ask The Texan for a beautiful, emerald green Coach purse and matching wristlet for Christmas. As you know, he is an amazing gift giver, so of course he got me that. And then another in periwinkle blue. I was thrilled, and thought that was where my quest for designer products would end.

But fashion really is like a drug, and I totally blame Prairie Wife for feeding my addiction. When I visited Wyoming a few months ago she told me I had to sign up for Haute Look. Since it is part of the Nordstrom family and I love all things Nordstrom, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t already joined! I hadn’t had time to check into it until recently, and they happened to have an event for vintage jewelry. I started browsing because I had been looking for an Hermes bracelet in “my price range,” which is way, way below retail. When I saw the photo below on the Haute Look site and read the description, my heart stopped and I was in love.

Hermes braceletBut should I really take the plunge and buy it? I put it in the virtual shopping basket, and tried calling Prairie Wife for her advice. Voice mail, dang it. My BFF was at work, but she wouldn’t be much help anyway because she would have told me I was stupid for hesitating because I deserved it. So which was worse? Living with the guilt of spending that much on myself or the thought of passing up this incredible deal on a vintage Hermes bracelet that I had been dreaming of for so many years? The fifteen minute clock to reserve the piece was counting down and I knew I had to…

So, what do you think I did? What would you have done? And what’s on your fashion bucket list? Don’t worry, I’ll finish the story soon…

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2 thoughts on "Fashion Bucket List"

  1. Andrea G says:

    Can you just give me a make over :))

  2. Ma says:

    I hope you bought it! Pa and I still regret three things we “passed” on over the years. Just mention “white dress” to him sometime…

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