Hormones and Temporary Insanity: Fact or Fiction?

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If you’re a male stop reading now…not only because there are going to be mentions of intimate girly stuff but, because it might not be safe for you to have this information…

Now that we have that covered let’s move on shall we?

angry pregnant womanAs a 34 year old woman that has been through 5 full term pregnancies, 3 miscarriages, and nursed for a total of almost 5 years I feel pretty confident that I’m well aware of the effects of hormones on a woman’s body.

There is no doubt in my mind that a pregnant woman’s mood and brain capacity is severely altered by hormones during this wonderful (yet sometimes sucky) time. Those that know me are familiar with the pregnant with a boy testosterone filled, swear like a sailor, overly aggressive Prairie Wife as opposed to the weepy, moody pregnant with a girl version. Then we also have the weepy exhausted my milk is about to come in version, followed by the OMG my boobs hurt and I have hot flashes and night sweats for the first 6 weeks postpartum…

Overall though,  I think that those that know me would say that I am a pretty even tempered gal. Yes, I can get passionate and hold a grudge but, I hardly ever cry and am annoying cheerful (even when struggling with SADD).

I always thought it was just the way I was. Growing up I was a total “tomboy” and had mostly male friends. Even as I grew older and embraced fashion and makeup and learned to celebrate my female friendships, I still was never over emotional at certain points every 28 days. I just chugged along.

This year when I learned about my Cancer risk and decided to undergo a preventive mastectomy it was made clear to me that I needed to go off of all artificial hormones. Other then when I wanted to get pregnant, I have been on birth control ever since I was 17 to control my incredibly heavy and painful periods (which have only increased over the years). In March I had an endometrial ablation to try and help ease the pain from my cycles.

The surgery was successful at first but, the trauma of my Mastectomy a month later threw my body into chaos and resulted in periods coming three days earlier and just as heavy as before. After the second cycle things would get much easier to deal with but, of course I’ve had major surgery every three months all year so every time the situation improves my body is sent back to freak out mode!

crazy hormonesMy Preventive Mastectomy resulted in huge hormone chaos, something I was warned about but still not totally prepared for. I had severe acne (I’m talking face, chest and back), weight gain, and I found myself being really cranky, sensitive, and weepy three days before my period came. I’m talking tearing up over every song that may or may not be about loss or love (so every song on the radio). Crying talking to TallGirlJ about my surgery when really I was totally fine and confident with my choice and the final results. Snapping at the Cowkids and as I look back with a somewhat calmer mind, overreacting several times to situations involving The Cowboy. TallGirlJ can vouch that she has seen me cry more this year than our whole entire 8 year friendship combined!

After three months the acne cleared up, the weight went away and I was pretty much back to my normal self. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. I know hormones can totally alter you mood (see above comments about pregnancy) and sympathized with my girlfriends that felt like that each month. But I didn’t TRULY understand how exhausting and frustrating it could be until I found myself dealing with it every three weeks.

I had my second surgery and while I wasn’t surprised when my cycle returned with a vengeance, I didn’t feel like I was being plagued with the other side effects of the first surgery…or so I thought.

Suddenly though, a month after my surgery, I found myself sitting in the car, waiting to get The Cowkids from school holding back tears and wanting to bang my head against the steering wheel…I couldn’t even tell you what specifically triggered it. But guess what came the next day?

Yup, my period.

It finally clicked (and you may have all picked up on this at the begging of this post) that the only reason I’d been so cool, calm and collected all those years was because I had artificial hormones helping me stay that way.

Ladies, this monthly hormone shit is real…and if you’re like me you better put a big red dot on your calendar and a line through the days before when you should ABSOLULTY NOT make any big decisions!

Hormones and Temporary Insanity…I’m claiming it as a FACT.

crying womanThis month I found myself driving to school, tears running down my face, writing a speech in my head to give to The Cowboy. I was convinced that we needed to participate in Project 143 (an exchange/adoption program) not in a few years as we had previously discussed but RIGHT NOW…maybe even in time for Christmas!

This was hard core temporary insanity caused by hormones. I’m all about helping orphans and really feel that my family will participate in this amazing program…eventually. Right now it’d be foolish! We are on the tightest budget we’ve had in years, I have five kids ages 10 and under that barely fit into our house as it is, and oh yeah…I just had major surgery less than three weeks ago.

Luckily, when I came home I took a look at the calendar and realized that this was NOT the day to make a big decision like this. Now that the hormones have hit and faded away, I know this for sure.

Thankfully, I realized these thoughts and emotions for what they were. Temporary Insanity caused by Hormones. When I texted TallGirlJ her response other then the cry until you laugh emoji was “How many were you planning to adopt?”

Oh how well she knows me…

Ladies I’m sorry for doubting you all those years. For being sympathetic and supportive but secretly doubting the validity of the effects of hormones on your daily life each month.

All I can say to help you now is mark your calendars, teach your husbands to read the secret code, stock up on chocolate and/or chips and when you need to vent I’m right here…with arms wide open and Kleenex at the ready!

What do you think? Hormones and Temporary Insanity, is it Fact or Fiction?

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