A Letter to the Person I Flipped Off

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Dear person driving the white pickup truck with county 1 Wyoming plates,

You and I met at approximately 9 am heading North on I-25 last week Sunday. As you passed me you may or may not have seen me flip you off. Firstly I need to apologize. I have NEVER in my life flipped someone off…at least not out of anger. I do it all the time to be funny but, I assure you that this time it was prompted by pure rage. I know that I should not have acted in such a way and I am sorry.

angry woman driving

But, let me give you a little picture of what led to my loss of control…

On Valentine’s day of this year I had my fifth baby. She is a doll and I love her to bits. In the last month she went from being a baby that sleeps all night (I’ve never had one of those before so it was pretty nice) to being a regular Cowbaby and waking up between one and four times a night. She also has a strong disregard for a regular nap time. Basically what I’m trying to say is, this mama is running on empty!

Add to that the fact that my family of 7 just spent five days in Cheyenne attending the “Daddy of them All” Cheyenne Frontier Days. While this is always a great time, it meant that The Cowboy and I were out until 1:30 in the morning four times (we were taking his customers out and about). While LittleMissH did take a bottle while we were out, I still was the one to get up with her at 3:30 and 5:30 every morning to nurse her. Did I mention that all 7 of us were sleeping in a room with one king bed and a pullout couch? Also…have you ever taken five kids under the age of 9 to a carnival…for 4 hours?!

While on “vacation” I had a severe case of baby brain and the following tragedies occurred…

1. I forgot to pack a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt in case it got cold (which it did).

2. I forgot one of the pairs of wireless headphones for the Cowkids so, we all had to listen to the kids’ movie on the radio.

2. I left my sunglasses in the room twice.

3. I lost my room key three times. This resulted in a need to walk all the way to the front desk and get new ones three times.

4. I got lost twice driving to CowGranny’s house.

5. I accidentally threw away all of the concert and rodeo tickets for the week.

6. I didn’t notice for 12 hours that I had thrown all of the concert and rodeo tickets out.

7. We stayed at a hotel where the staff actually emptied the trash on a regular basis.

8. I didn’t find that out until I had dug through the trash can.

9. The Cowboy was grouchy (understandably so) and I cried.

After a full five days of “fun” I decided it would be best if I drove myself and the Cowkids home Sunday morning. The Cowboy stayed and watched the rodeo with customers and rode home with his sister. As I hit the road I was exhausted and stuck listening to the Lion King (there are worse things I know) instead of fun upbeat radio songs.

I drove 80mph (the speed limit) headed home with visions of being there by lunch in my head. Just as I pulled over to pass a semi truck my check tire light went on…and I looked up and saw you.

You were so close that I could see that perhaps an eyebrow waxing would be a great idea for you…and you continued to stay that close as I sped up and tried to get past the semi truck without a tire blowing.

As I pulled over into the “slow lane”, I couldn’t contain my fury, and I flipped you off as you passed. I guess it was the lady with the bowl cut sitting next to you that got the brunt of my finger, but she probably relayed it to you for me.

I know we live in a small town, and I have an easily recognizable car. Chances are I know you or, as my luck would have it, I attend the same church as you. It has been on my mind for days that I should really apologize to you and since I don’t know who you are this letter will have to do.

I am sorry I flipped you off and I know that I should have controlled my temper.

That being said, next time you’re driving behind me I’d appreciate it if you give me at least one car length between us. I know I have a nice bum for someone that has five kids but, I’d appreciate if you stay out of it…after all I am a happily married woman!

Have a great day,

Prairie Wife

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4 thoughts on "A Letter to the Person I Flipped Off"

  1. Bennie says:

    I totally sympathize with you. I HATE IT when people tail-gate me. Do they think this will make me speed up? No, I might just go slower. I hate it when a dashboard light lights up and scares me to death. I’m glad you made it home safely.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Right?! It is so tempting to slam on your breaks when they are that close! And we made it fine, and the tires were OK it was just because of the heat of the day (or so The Cowboy said) that the light went on!

  2. BonitaBlueEyes says:

    lol about the “fun” “vacation.” Sorry to hear about this, though ?

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Crazy that so much can go wrong in so few days lol!

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