Essential Oil Bug Spray

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I’m only a recent convert to the world of Essential Oils but, I have to tell you I am a major believer in them. It started with using them to help ease the symptoms of the baby blues, and it kind of took off from there. I soon made a few mood boosting blends for some friends of mine, started using it to help treat minor bumps and bruises on the Cowkids, to ease a cough and sore throat for me, a sleepy time spray for the Cowkids …and…well…I guess I kind of went Essential Oil crazy and started to use them for everything!

essential oil bug sprayMy most requested Essential Oil “recipe” is my Bug Spray. I used it on a bunch of the Cowkids’ friends when they came over and it worked like a charm. I love that not only does it smell great but, it doesn’t stain clothes, I don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous chemicals or the baby being harmed and…IT WORKS!

I use a pretty big bottle for my spray, after all I do have a family of seven! I double the recipe below when I use the large bottle. If you want to create an oil blend (rather than a spray) and use a roller ball to distribute a small amount on your arms, legs, neck and face just use the recipe below but rather than water add grape seed oil (or coconut) to fill up the container.

Prairie Wife Essential Oil Bug Spray

5 drops each of

Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil (thanks Lizzi for letting me know it’s the same thing)
Lemon Grass (this may attract bees so if you are allergic leave this one out)

Fill the rest of your container with distilled water. Shake before each use and apply to skin and clothes every two hours to help deter bugs! As with all oils keep away from the eyes and mouth.

Do you have any oil blends that you use in the Summer?

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2 thoughts on "Essential Oil Bug Spray"

  1. Bennie says:

    I too and a newbie to EO’s. I have a diffuser necklace that I wear on days when I need a little ‘boost’ to my psyche. Going through menopause I developed anxiety issues (panic attacks and just general lack of confidence, etc.). If my memory is correct I enjoy bergamot and I’m blanking on the other one for my necklace. As I wear it I get a whiff and am reminded to breathe and try to relax.

    I’ve also been using frankensense (sp?) and jojoba oil on my face before bed, peppermint on aches and pains (good for sinus headaches but don’t get it near your eyes, forehead only), and a few other oils. I’ve been buying from Young Living but I also have some Doterra oils.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I need to look into the necklace idea!

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