5 Tricks for Surviving Summer

Posted July 8, 2016 by Prairie Wife -

I love Summer, absolutely love it!

That being said there are some challenges that come with three months of having all five Cowkids with me 24/7.

I thought I’d share a few tried and true tricks that help me, in the hopes that it may make surviving Summer vacation a bit more pleasant for you!

Trick 1: Push Ups

girls fightingI don’t know about your kids but, my kids LOVE to tattle. They get the biggest kick out of running up to me, and with that sing song/whiney voice, tell me exactly what their sibling did that was SO wrong that it warrants my immediate attention.

My reaction is a raised eyebrow and a calm “Give me 10 pushups” command.

Let’s be honest, I know their sibling probably did do something wrong but, if it were really that bad they would have come in bloody or crying, not tattling! After a few days of pushups you better believe that the Cowkids compromise and negotiating skills really improve.

Trick 2: Chores

My Cowkids are pretty darn good at entertaining themselves. I am a mean mom that uses TV strictly for my benefit (see trick 3) so they end up with a lot of free time where they have to find something to do. They have a house FULL of toys and over 7 acres to run around on (complete with trampoline and two tower swing set), not to mention animals, guns, and a 4 wheeler and dirt bike. Yet, despite all this the inevitable “I’m bored!” seems to creep up.

My response is always “Oh goody, I have so much you can do!” Even with their wide eyed “No I’m fine” and turn tail and run instinct, I still manage to grab them and force them to do one of the chores that’s just really no fun. Picking up puppy poop, taking trash out to the garbage box, going through the mismatched sock basket…you name a kid I’ve got a chore they will hate.

After the first few times of chore duty I usually don’t hear another I’m bored all Summer!

Trick 3: TV Time

I love my kids and I love to spend time with them. But, if you think I’m the mom that spends hours playing dolls and building train track cities with my kids your dead wrong. First, with such a large family, there is simply no way I can play with them and keep them all fed and in clean(ish) clothes. Second, that’s why we have so many kids, so they can entertain each other.

But, I get it. Sometimes we all need a break. That’s what the TV is for! Now that the Cowkids are getting a bit older, I don’t have a problem with them waking up at 7 and watching cartoons until I get up and moving with LittleMissH around 7:30. It’s a guilty Summer pleasure of mine!

If it’s too hot to go out, and I have some blogging to do, or I’m tired of putting away laundry only to have a helpful toddler pull it all out yet again…heck yeah I turn on the TV. Long day at the beach and no energy left to be pleasant and cheerful? It’s family movie night!

I ration TV time in a big way because it pays off in the long run…trust me.

eating popsiclesTrick 4: Popsicles

This is the easiest Summertime parenting trick. Keep your freezer stocked with popsicles (or frozen gogurt) and you’ll be the best mom on the dirt road! My kids will do anything for a popsicle. Play outside for 30 minutes even if it’s 120 degrees, watch LittleMissH for me, help Cowboy C get dressed, clean out my stinky car…you name it, if a popsicle is offered, the Cowkids will do it.

Bonus: They have to eat them outside on the deck. We all know a child outside tends to stay outside, so really you’re buying yourself at least 45 minutes of free time per popsicle!

Trick 5: Playdates

This is the most utilized trick in my Summer arsenal. Invite a few kids over to play and say hello to hours of free time! If you add a kiddy pool filled with water and sidewalk chalk it’ll be an afternoon of bliss. I’m not sure what the exact mathematical equation is but trust me, the more kids you invite over the higher everyone’s happiness level goes. Add popsicles to the mix and you and the other moms can sit, sip iced coffee, work on your tans and chat until it’s time to head home and make dinner!

What tricks help you survive Summer?

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