Weighted Blankets….Yes or No?

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CMFRT adult weighted blanketThere has been a lot of buzz lately about weighted blankets.

From claims that they will help increase levels of Serotonin and Melatonin (the hormones that help you relax) to being toted as a cure-all for Insomnia and improving your overall sleep.

When CMFRT.us approached me about trying one of their blankets in exchange for a review, I immediately said yes.

But not for the reasons you think…

Our next door neighbor and my friend Chasetity has a child with special needs. He’s over at our house often and frankly, it was thoughts of him that prompted my answer.

From my years as a teacher I know that weighted vests can be used to help children who may be on the autism spectrum, and I found myself wondering if Chasetity could use one of these blankets to help Heston calm down when he’s having a rough time.

I texted her and she replied that he did have a weighted vest at school, and that it had helped him in the past.

I immediately asked CMFRT.us if they were OK with me giving the blanket to my neighbor for a review rather than using it myself. Trust me when I say it’s always better to check first with stuff like this rather than assume…you’d be surprised to learn all the complicated ins and outs of this blogging gig 😉

Thankfully the folks at CMFT.us were more than happy to allow me to use the blanket to try and help Heston. They asked for his weight (usually the correct blanket weight is 10% of your body weight) and sent the appropriate blanket on it’s way.

When the box came I texted my friend and she came right over. I grabbed it to hand it to her, and we were both surprised at how heavy the box was…and decided to open it up right then and take a look.

cmfrt blanket close upThe first thing we noticed was how incredibly soft this blanket was. It’s made of a luxurious and cozy micro fiber on one side and then a smooth and soft Cotton side, perfect for warmer weather. We read the washing directions and realized that she had not only received a weighted blanket, but a duvet cover as well. This is part of the appeal of this blanket! You can simply remove the weighted inside and wash the outside when you don’t have tons of time. It dries quickly and is perfect for when you just need to freshen up your blanket. When a deeper cleaning is necessary, the weighted blanket is also washable in your regular washing machine. The weights are each stitched into individual pockets so they won’t slide or move.

I told Chasetity that she needed to make sure and wash AND dry it as part of the review, we all know that’s the most important part!

After three weeks of trying the blanket Chasetity sent me her review:

Heston blanketI had both my kids try this blanket and they love it…I may need to buy another one so they don’t have to share. My high school age daughter says it feels like a big hug! When Heston has been having a hard day, he simply sits on the couch and wraps it around himself. Several times when he’s had a meltdown, I’ve grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around him, and it calms him right down! I am so thankful to have another tool to help Heston when he’s upset. I washed and dried the blanket on a low gentle cycle (following the included instructions) and it came out of the dryer just as soft as it started out. I was nervous to see how the weighted part would do, but it was absolutely fine. Personally, I would think that it’d be hot in the Summer, but my kids don’t seem to mind a bit. This blanket is wonderful, and a high quality that makes me feel like it’s worth the price!

I have to be honest, after chatting with Chasetity about it, and reading her review I’m kicking around the idea of ordering one of these blankets myself!

Do any of you use a weighted blanket? Have you seen a positive difference in your sleep?

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4 thoughts on "Weighted Blankets….Yes or No?"

  1. Hannah says:

    Jonathan has on and he has made a huge difference in his sleep issues that stem from fybromylagia. His mom made his a few years back but washing it is a huge task…these sound so appealing due to the easy wash factor!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Wow! That’s so wonderful that it helps…I know several people that suffer from that I’ll have to mention this!

  2. Bennie says:

    I’ve never heard of a way to print it. This is an interesting idea. Going into summer I’m probably not gonna be buying one but I do like the feel of a heavy blanket” on top of me in the winter when it’s cold. I have to look into this for next year.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’m interested to hear what my neighbor thinks, it has a cotton side that’s supposed to be cooler!

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