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When I said YES to focusing on the blog and quit my other side jobs I had no idea how quickly things would move!

This morning I am giving a 30 minute talk at our local Rotary Club. I’d be a big fat liar if I didn’t mention that I was equally excited and nervous. My goal is to inspire, and maybe offer a new perspective…at the very least I hope to entertain them.

This isn’t my first public speaking engagement and with my regular weekly segments on K2 TV and K2 Radio I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable.

My number one trick for feeling confident with public speaking is “dress to impress”.

From giving a talk in front of our church to a power point presentation at a conference, one of the first things I do is pick an outfit.

The look I go for varies depending on the crowd and purpose of the speaking engagement. Let’s be honest, it would be foolish not to accept that how I look it the first thing they are going to notice.

I use this same trick for TV and radio appearances (they film my weekly segments) to ensure that I feel confident and in control.

Below are two outfit picks that I tend to gravitate towards when I have a speaking engagement.

The first look is a bit more casual. I call it my LA chic business woman look, and it’s 100% inspired by Rachel Ramras from my fav TV show Nobodies. You can see me wearing a version of this look in this post and I am SO thankful that my Trunk Club trunk had a blazer in it! If you’re wearing open toed shoes like the ones here, make sure you have your toenails painted a fun color. It’s another wonderful way to add a pop of personality besides bold jewelry! The big bag is a must, as I always bring my laptop to these event just in case…

dress to impress 1

This next look is more formal and is inspired by my big sis Texas Two Steppin’ who often gives presentations in front of thousands (yes thousands) of people. The navy dress looks simple at first, but the polka dot fabric keeps it feeling chic. The pointy booties add just the right visual appeal and the simple silver jewelry keeps it classy. I added blazers that offer two different statements, the pink velvet is definitly a bit more bold! Truthfully, I would pair this with a black leather moto jacket, but the blazers keep it professional. Hint: Don’t wear a lot of bangles (this one here is a cleverly designed cuff) because the noise and movement may distract your audience.

dress to impress 2Wish me luck on today’s speaking engagement and stay tuned for more exciting news 😉

What is your go to outfit?!

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