The Candy Fairy

Posted November 10, 2015 by Prairie Wife - 1 comment

I have eaten my own body weight in candy over the last two weeks. Between all the Halloween parties and the GINORMOUS bowls of candy on the counter there was no way I could resist all the brightly colored tasty treats…I simply don’t have enough self control to walk past without grabbing a bite (or a handful).

For the first time in my life, I woke up last week feeling sluggish and physically ill because of what I had been eating!

I knew it was time to remove the candy…and go on a healthy eating binge…and get back to consistently running and yoga.

candy fairyHere on the Prairie I have a quick and easy trick to get rid of the candy with no tears. When I’ve decided it’s time for the candy to disappear I stop by Target and grab a few toys, books or even a DVD the whole family will enjoy. I take the candy and either throw it away (make sure you hide it in the trash) or donate it (many of our local dentists donate to the troops). Then I leave the gifts in the now empty bowl and a short thank you note. The Candy Fairy explains that she needs the candy to feed her baby fairies and that she really appreciates the kids being so kind.

When my kids notice the fairy has come they are always thrilled to see what she’s brought. I’ve even heard them asking each other if they think she will be coming soon! This year I’m having trouble finding time without The Cowkids to purchase gifts, so The Candy Fairy might be leaving a few dollars instead of gift….

What do you do when you’ve had enough of sweet treats?

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  1. Chaetity says:

    Awesome idea 🙂

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