The Texas Coast and Pinterest Dreams

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Texas Two Steppin PW LittleMissHI mentioned last week that I was headed to the Texas Coast to spend the long Easter weekend with my big sis Texas Two Steppin’. It was all I truly wanted for my birthday, and The Cowboy happily obliged me. I just needed some time with my sister. She offers a certain strength and level-headedness (apparently that’s not a real word but you get what I mean) I just can’t seem to get from anyone else. As a Cancer survivor (twice over) she knew the stress I was feeling. While we certainly didn’t dwell on my  Preventive Mastectomy (25 days and counting) she did offer me some great advice, and words of wisdom that shows she gets me better than anyone else. We haven’t always been this close, but I sure am glad we are now…

LittleMissH flyingLittleMissH was able to make the trip with me. Not only was she free but, she is Texas Two Steppin’s goddaughter. It was her first time on an airplane, though it wasn’t my first time traveling with a toddler. It was so nice just to have one kid to keep an eye on! LittleMissH loved the airport and the plane rides and I really couldn’t have asked for better behavior. Just look at this picture, it captures so well her excitement over everything!

LittleMissH bluebonnetsWe spent a lot of time with Texas Two Steppin’s grand babies, who are sooo cute! There were long relaxing hours lounging around outside enjoying the lovely Texas Coast weather. We took an hour or so to go for a walk and had a wonderful time looking at all the stunning houses. I’ve already got a plan to drive down with the Cowkids next year for a beach vacation. The town of Rockport, TX is simply wonderful…I really can’t speak highly enough about the laid back atmosphere, wonderful boutiques, delicious food, and friendly people!

Texas Coast RentalWhile at the Coast I met one of Texas Two Steppin’s good friends, Sandy. She is hopefully a future Prairie Wife but, I felt like I immediately had to share with you her stunning rental house. My sister kept on talking about how Sandy had taken Pinterest to the next level. Not only did she pin hundreds of amazing decor ideas…she actually did them…IN REAL LIFE. Her rental is full to the brim of beautiful murals, paintings, drift wood projects, and charming personal touches that all combine to make it the cutest little Texas coast getaway I’ve ever seen! Take a minute to look at the pictures of her rental property below…and tell me you aren’t suddenly longing for a beach vacation?! If you are interested in renting her coastal cottage just email us at and we can connect you with Sandy!


The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how light and airy this little condo is! Just look at that driftwood fish she made…

drift wood fish

This bar and TV set up is perfect for those nights you want to relax with friends but, don’t feel like going out! Did you notice the fish carved into the bar?

Texas Coast rental bar

This kitchen is the perfect mix of efficiency and style!

Texas Coast Rental kitchen

This bedroom is so relaxing…I can just see myself curled up with a good book after a day playing in the ocean with the Cowkids!

texas coast rental bedroom

With two full bathrooms there is plenty of room for the whole family! Just look at the octopus sink, and the parrot painting Sandy created.

bathroom collage

Let’s not forget about the deck area! It’s full of charming touches and comfortable seating. The perfect place to enjoy drinks while you watch the sun go down over the Texas Coast…

Texas Coast rental deck

Where is your favorite getaway spot?!

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3 thoughts on "The Texas Coast and Pinterest Dreams"

  1. Bennie says:

    That is a really cute cottage. Don’t laugh but I rarely think of Texas as being a coastal state. I think of the TV show Dallas, the Cowboys and cattle in general. I’m glad you had a nice visit with your sister and relaxed a bit.

    Here’s where my parents and I like to go to kick back and relax. It’s a family run resort in the Poconos, a bit out of the way for you. They have tons of activities to do all day and night, the food is awesome and the people (guests and staff) are always friendly. I describe it to people as a cruise ship on land.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I don’t think most people think of Texas and ocean, it’s an untapped vacation destination! Woodloch Resort looks fun, and I love that it caters to family or singles. Perhaps we need to check it out…

      1. Bennie says:

        It would be a bit of a trip for you but I know you would enjoy the resort.

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