An Up Close Look: Working Out with a Personal Trainer

Posted January 15, 2019 by Prairie Wife - 2 comments

Working out with a personal trainer, is it worth it?

workout at gym

I’ve never been able to make it to a gym consistently, and when I do go, I usually go right to the treadmill, barbells or a yoga class. I like to stick with what I know and it’s pretty hard to get me out of my comfort zone. For me, gyms are intimidating!

For almost an entire decade I simply did workout DVD’s or went to the park. While the idea of a personal trainer certainly appealed to me it didn’t seem like it would fit into my life. And is it really worth the cost?

Here at we’ve formed a beautiful partnership with Stirling Skin Care Clinic and along with sharing the latest in skin care, beauty and therapy treatments we also booked a session with their on-staff nutritionist and personal trainer Alli.

TallGirlJ and I were a bit nervous, but with true grit and grace we put on our activewear and met Alli at the gym.

Below is a video I created from our LIVE Facebook clips (we had a tech oops in the middle). The workout is  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and should take you about 20 minutes to do. All you need are two 10lb free weights. Keep scrolling to read our thoughts about working out with a personal trainer!

First, it’s obvious that working out with your bestie makes everything more fun…even a HIIT workout that left us panting and still sore two days later.

Let’s talk about the perks of a personal trainer!

  • They design a workout that’s perfect for your fitness/health goals
  • All you have to do is show up ready to work
  • Form, form, FORM a personal trainer can make sure you’re doing everything right
  • Keeping you focused and on task (even if they’re laughing at you)
  • They can help you build a bit each session based on how you did last time
  • Mix it up so you never get bored and stay motivated
  • Accountability

The issue for most of us is time and cost.

Time. I think you can make it work if you communicate to your partner/family how important this is to you. I know when I told The Cowboy my goals for running a half-marathon and climbing Pikes Peak he did everything he could to make it work.

Cost. I used my blog money to pay for a sitter so I could train during the daylight. Perhaps you can make a few budget cuts in other areas to free up what you need. Trading babysitting with a friend can also help limit the cost.

If you’re interested in hiring Alli from Stirling Skin Care Clinic they have an amazing special right now (but hurry because January is almost over). If you decided to invest in your health another time, just mention you heard about her from us for a discount!

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2 thoughts on "An Up Close Look: Working Out with a Personal Trainer"

  1. Sharon Chapman says:

    Excellent job moving ladies! I would love to touch your cores! Are you moving your core with each movement?

    BREATH. CORE canister connection. Spine. Interesting.

    Way to move.

    P.S. you will be sore.

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