Mini-Van Power Yoga

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School has begun and with it my schedule is much more structured…and jam packed. I find that the routine of school, volunteering day, ballet lessons, football practice/games, and errand day keeps me on the ball (and makes sure I shower frequently). But, it also keeps me running around like a crazy woman. As I enter into my 5th month of pregnancy with CowBaby5 I am finding it hard to meet my goal of working out twice a week. I know it’s not a lofty goal by any means but, even with my bribe of new workout clothes dangling in front of me…it’s been tough.

As I looked at my e-mail yesterday and saw yet another week of not quite meeting my FitBit goal (despite walking and yoga) I realized I needed to step it up…and then immediately felt exhausted at the prospect. On the drive to school the other day surrounded by chattering Cowkids, and trying to keep Cowboy C content on the 45 minute drive (will the road construction ever be done?), I realized that I had been working out way more than I gave myself credit for. After all, I was in the car over 2 hours a day and doing Mini-Van Power Yoga the whole time…let me share a few of my favorite moves with you, first in English and then in their appropriate “yoga” name.

Mini Van Yoga

Finding the Toy Back Bend (isthissafe) : Works core, neck, right arm, upper and lower back, and stretches left leg.

This move involves keeping your core and neck completely straight while using your left leg to stretch and push your body in a backwards bend. Reach back with you right hand and move it in every direction imaginable (remember to keep you neck and core strong and straight as you watch the road) until you can touch a toy. Breath in as you straighten up and rotate your right arm completely in the opposite direction to hand the toy to the cranky toddler seated behind you. Repeat every 2-10 minutes depending on the toddler’s mood.

Snack Time Full Body Rotation (Idontcareifyoulikeiteatit): Works left and right arm, core, sides, neck and lower back.

For this move bend to the left and use your left hand to reach in the door for a previously placed organic/healthy kid friendly snack (or mini Oreos) then keeping your core strong and your neck facing the road, quickly switch the snack to your right hand. Rotate your body to the right and using your right arm, throw the snack back at the kids. Repeat one time for each child.

Car Seat/Child/Grocery Lifts (ohmythisisheavy): Works legs, glutes, core and both arms.
Bending forward from the waist grab car seat/child/groceries using both arms. Stand up straight (if driving pickup truck stand on tiptoes) and using arms and core place car seat/child/groceries in appropriate position. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Phone Out of Battery Side Bend (couldthiscordbeanyshorter)
: Works core, left side, right shoulder and neck.

Bending to the right as far as you can while keeping foot on gas/break, firmly place phone (with cord plugged in) between your right shoulder and ear. Keep your head and gaze facing forward and both hands firmly on the wheel.

Facial Tense and Release Followed by Meditation and Deep Breathing (thatsenough): Entire facial structure and for advanced mothers, neck and right arm.

Open your mouth as wide as possible while keeping eyes open. Using a large amount of breath tense your face and exhale in a very loud way with high pitched noises (words are fine but not necessary). Relax face and mouth followed by silent meditation time and deep breathing. For advanced mothers, turn your head to the right and wave your right arm in a random motion as you tense your face and emit high pitched noises. Meditation can also be done with music, turning the radio up will result in working the right shoulder and wrist.

What Mini-Van Power Yoga move is your favorite? Do you have any that I’ve missed…please share in the comments.

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5 thoughts on "Mini-Van Power Yoga"

  1. Pa says:

    I was relieved to not see “downward facing dog” in the list. (By the way, you should lift with your legs, not your back.)

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I’m sure I’ve done it when looking for a toy under the van….

  2. Erica says:

    This is soooo funny! I was just telling my mom that my life is a workout. I’ve been strapping 3 kids under 3 into my minivan and running back and forth for all of our things for the past couple weeks. Thinking of calories burned in this process makes me happy!

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I guarantee you have the best arms in the neighborhood from all that lifting!

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