The Cowboy’s Scouting Trip

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As August draws to a close a new season begins here in Wyoming…not Fall but…Hunting Season. Those of you who are not “blessed” with husbands who are hunters may be looking puzzled, and those of you who are familiar with the term Hunting Widow (a woman who is abandon by her husband for weekends/weeks at a time as he sets out for the ever elusive “big one”) are now rolling your eyes. I have shared my first Elk hunting experience with you and while I have no qualms about being left behind I am not exactly thrilled about becoming a Hunting Widow yet again. Ever since the invention of my own Elk hunting trips it’s become easier to swallow but, being away from The Cowboy for 10 days is hard…after all I do kinda like the guy! This year The Cowboy and his BFF (can guys have BFF’s ?) JohnnyRed have a 10 day hunt planned for the middle of September. Imagine my surprise when The Cowboy began talking about their scouting trip a few weeks ago.

It seems that this year to really make sure they have a “good hunt” The Cowboy and JohnnyRed decided they need to take a long weekend trip up to the mountains. This meant that they gathered up the horses and literally headed for the hills for four days. Luckily JohnnyRed left his lovely wife SweetN’Slim and their daughter to keep me company on the Prairie. SweetN’Slim has become a close friend and we have spent weeks living together as JohnnyRed has completed various construction projects for us through the years. Last year she stayed with us while the men went hunting and it was such a blessing! We’ve got the whole sister wife thing down pat…trading off cooking, cleaning, and kid watching as well as laughing together with friends and curling up with ice cream and watching chic flicks when the kids are all (finally) in bed.

When The Cowboy and JohnnyRed returned they were exhausted and stinky, as well as renewed in spirit. They shared stories of dangerous trails, snow and freezing rain, horses/mules going over cliffs, grizzly bears (four), and wolves…and oh yeah…the two elk they saw. Sounds wonderful right?! Luckily The Cowboy took his camera and I thought I’d share his pictures. Looking at the vast untouched landscape of the Wyoming mountains makes me understand why The Cowboy returns year after year but, the pictures of the bear make me glad to stay home and hang out with the Cowkids and SweetN’Slim!

Headed into the Thorofare Valley

Thorofare Valley

All together The Cowboy and JohnnyRed saw eight wolves, here is one as she heads up the mountain to meet the rest of the pack.


Deer Creek (you have to say it Crick) Falls.

Deer Creek Falls

Taking some time to warm up by the fire!

The Cowboy Fire

When JohnnyRed first saw this Grizzly bear he thought is was a Moose…that’s how big it was!

bear side

When a Grizzly Bear looks at you like this it’s time to go!

close bear

This is a lovely shot of Thorofare Butte, though it looks a little cold to me.

Thorofare Butte

What picture is your favorite?


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9 thoughts on "The Cowboy’s Scouting Trip"

  1. Pa says:

    So jealous …….

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      One of these years you’ll go 🙂

  2. SweetN'Slim says:

    I’m with you…much prefer to stay at your house and relax than fight off grizzly bears with our men! Hopefully they get us some meat in September!

  3. Karen says:

    Beautiful! I have yet to see a wolf in the wild so I love seeing that (although I’m sure he would have seen more elk without them near)! Makes me want to be a ” hunting season” wife;)))

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      I have only seen tracks when I’ve gone into the mountains. And though the men have seen them often, this is the first time they have gotten a picture!

  4. Cow granny says:

    Great pictures. I have heard so many stories about the Thorofare and have wanted to go there. But do not have any desire to go up that trail to get there. So…I will enjoy the pictures and stories.

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