Girls Night Out

Posted April 18, 2016

As we hit the end of my surgery countdown (11 days) I have a huge list of things that I need to do to prepare for 6 weeks of help here on the Prairie. Cowgirl G and LittleMissH are now roommates, and Cowgirl G’s room is purged and ready for… Read More »

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I’ll Sleep on the Operating Table

Posted March 23, 2016

Despite embracing the chaos over the last month, I’ve found that the chaos has been trying to eat me alive. I’ve been more relaxed and cheerful towards my kids but, the truth is I’m still completely overwhelmed. I didn’t realize all the doctors appointments and extra things that would come… Read More »

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Prairie Wife Badge: Cat Whisperer

Posted February 17, 2016

I am a self declared crazy cat lady. The reason we “only” have four cats (only one is allowed in the house) is because The Cowboy keeps a tight rein on my cat hoarding. This Fall we brought two new kittens to the Prairie. Spike and Shadow are two brothers,… Read More »

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Posted December 21, 2015

I struggled quite a bit about whether or not I should do this post. I am not afraid to share my stories with others, that’s why I started It was more about if this story really fit the mission of our site. After all, it says in our blog… Read More »

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