Behind The Blog: Being Okay With Failing

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Sometimes in life, you have to be okay with failing.

Actually…a lot of times in life you have to be okay with failing.

I’m always trying to work hard at growing the blog, and the Prairie Wife brand.

While I have had to back off a bit with the time commitment that comes with the radio show, I still make sure I’m growing and building what began here at 7 years ago.

From speaking and emceeing jobs to social media consulting and helping friends with photoshoots I’m all about trying new things.

Except, when it’s things I’m not confident I can figure out.

A few weeks ago I attended a zoom meeting with my More Than Me leadership group and the guest speaker was Virginia Kerr.

She’s a social media guru of the highest level.

In the group, she stated that video was now the top way to communicate with your followers, and then went on to list off some amazing fabulous advice…that made me SUPER uncomfortable.

One of my blogging goals this year is to grow my Instagram account.

The reasons are many and varied but the main drive for me is that I can reach more people with our message of #gritandgrace AND follow through on my commitment to all of the businesses we partner with to help them grow along with me.

No pressure…

Virginia said that Reels on Instagram are a great way to grow. I won’t go into all the tech jargon (follow her if you want to learn her amazing ways).

She also said that we needed to keep videos 3 minutes or less.

Umm have you met me?

Keeping videos short and sweet is a hard one for me!

And while Instagram Reels are only 20 seconds long it takes WAY longer than that to plan what message you want to send, film the clips and edit them, and add text and music.

Especially if you’re brand new at it.

For the last few weeks, I have been deep in the failing part of this.

It takes me forever to get a Reel ready.

I have accidentally lost and deleted things more often than I will admit, and I close my eyes and pray each time I post one of them.

But suddenly this week, I felt “the click”.

That “wait a second that wasn’t a terrible” moment.

And I realized while I still have lots of things I need to do better and a whole lot of trial and error before I figure out how to create exactly what my followers need and want…I’m getting closer.

Hearing that my silly “Basic B!tch #WyomingStyle” Reel made people laugh and brightened their day made the fact that I had to take that dang video 10 times before I got it right totally worth it.


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And isn’t that what matters?

Our mission is to offer support to other women (and their families) through humorous, honest, and heartfelt blog posts about our experiences. We want to encourage others to lead their lives with grit and grace so they can discover the “Prairie Wife” within.

So right now I’m okay with failing because I can see that little glimmer ahead of something SO GOOD I just can’t let it go.

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