Your Period Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain Anymore…REALLY!

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To my male readers (in case the title didn’t stop you) just a warning that we are DEFINITELY going to get a little intimate and personal in this post about period products.

Now that I covered that let’s talk about the often taboo topic of menstruation, periods, Aunt Flow’s monthly visit, that time of the month…

Whatever you call it, it sucks and it’s messy and really not fun in any way.

Yet despite that, I feel fairly confident that if you follow my advice and try these products you’re going to find that your monthly period will be downright manageable.

I haven’t used a tampon or pad for almost 4 years.

Yup, you read that right.

Instead, I use a combination of a menstrual cup and “period underwear” and let me tell you, it has been life-changing for me.

Let me begin with some personal information, a bit of period background if you will.

I suffer from endometriosis and have had incredibly long, heavy, and painful periods since I began menstruating at the age of 11.

There would be days where despite my best intentions I would go through 2 pairs of pants, and I even carried an extra pair in my car. I would struggle the first few days of my period to function while I battled a heavy flow and excruciating back pain and cramps.

Each pregnancy I had made things worse.

I even underwent an endometrial ablation in the hopes that it would help make things better.

It helped a bit (I went from 8-10 day cycles to 4-6) but I still found that the same old issues from before were forcing me to put my active lifestyle on hold.

And then I discovered two products that changed my life.

I am sharing my favorite brands here with you, but I know that there are a lot of choices out there that will work as well.

Menstrual Cup

The concept is simple, a rubber cup that you place in your vagina. It gently suctions to the sides and collects your flow until you gently pull it out and empty it.

Yes, it will take you a few tries to get it placed correctly, but I promise it’s not any more awkward than inserting a non-applicator tampon.

Even on heavy days, I can easily go more than 6 hours without needing to empty it.

Speaking of, to clean your Menstrual Cup just use hot water and soap. If you don’t have access to a private restroom no worries…you can safely use the bathroom with your cup in.

While you CAN safely use this your entire cycle I usually take it out (and use the product listed below) for a night or two, or days when I am just at home.

I have hiked, swam at the beach, gone snowshoeing, ran, cycled, and done yoga with this and had zero issues.

NOTE: There are usually two sizes, one for women who haven’t given birth and one for women who have.

Period Underwear

No, they won’t make you stink.

No, no one will know you are wearing them…and yes they are the best thing ever.

The underwear has a variety of cuts and each one can handle a different level of flow.

I wear the medium flow as a backup when I have the menstrual cup in, and the heavier flow for days I’m just staying at home or for a night or two in my cycle.

For those of us that are never exactly sure when our cycle will start, wearing these the first few days when you expect your flow to start will save you a lot of stress.

The underwear comes with a bag where you can discreetly store them each night of your cycle, and then wash them in their own load in the washing machine. You can either air dry them or dry them in the dryer.

Traveling? I bring a ziplock bag to store the used pairs or wash them out in the sink if I need an extra pair.

I wear these with leggings and doing all the same activities I use the menstrual cup for.

I think they are one of the best inventions ever and am so thankful they have them in teen and tween sizes.


Leave them in the comments or email or PM me.

I’ll happily let you know what I can based on my experiences.

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