The Invisalign Diet & 7 Other Things You Don’t Know About Clear Aligners

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Last month we formed a partnership with Ultra Orthodontics and I promised that I would keep you up to date on all you ever wanted to know about getting your adult teeth looking straight and beautiful.

A few weeks ago I went and received my clear aligners. Dr. Prugh uses the Invisalign brand so from here on out that’s I’ll be referring to my clear braces as Invisalign or my “teeth” 😉

Now that I’ve had my clear aligners in for over 2 weeks I feel pretty confident sharing my thoughts with you!

invisalign glue dry

  1. You will have “buttons” on your teeth. I never thought much about how Invisalign clear aligners moved your teeth so I was a bit surprised when I went in and had buttons glued to my teeth. They are clear and smooth and they can barely be seen even when I’m not wearing my  “teeth”. I only had a few, how many you have depends on your specific needs.
  2. Practice makes perfect. Taking your Invisalign out takes some practice. The first week or so there was a lot of weird facial expressions, strings of drool, and mussed up makeup. I still prefer to go to the bathroom to take them out because it’s still a bit awkward even now. Pro tip: I don’t have any buttons in the back so I start to pull them down/off from the back first.
  3. You need to wear your Invisalign for 22 hours a day. This means that the only time you should take out your “teeth” is when you are eating. The more you wear your Invisalign the sooner you’ll be done.
  4. Talking can be tricky. It didn’t take me too long to get used to talking with my Invisalign in. I wear them when I’m on the radio and only notice a problem every once in a while. That being said, when I am giving a speech or Emceeing an event I can’t wear them. The little bit of extra effort it takes to talk makes me mess up more in those high energy quick thinking situations.
  5. The Invisalign diet is a real thing. Because you have to take your “teeth” out to eat you may notice that you aren’t snacking as much during the day. It’s not exactly a pain to pop out your Invisalign clear aligners, but it’s just enough of an extra effort that more often then not I’ve been skipping my mid-morning, afternoon and after dinner snacks. The end result…I’ve lost those stubborn 2 pounds that I had completely given up on! Note: You CAN drink with your “teeth” in but watch out for dark drinks or red wine that may stain.
  6. You decided when it’s time to switch trays. I thought that like the metal braces I had in High School, I would show up to Ultra Orthodontics every month and get a new “tray” that would move my teeth. Nope. With Invisalign they create all the trays you need and you decided (based on how your old trays feel) when it’s time to switch to a new one, but you have to wait at least a week. For me, after 9 days I knew it was time to put in my next tray. Dr. Prugh sent me home with 4 to use and when I have my next appointment she will check my progress and give me the next set. All in all, I have 14 trays which means I could be done with this entire process by Fall!
  7. Your teeth may be a bit sore. I have super sensitive teeth (my own fault for being a too vigorous brusher in the past) and I found that the first three days after I had my first tray in my teeth were tender. Nothing a few aspirins couldn’t fix, but for sure noticeable. When I switched to my second tray they were only sore for a day, which was totally doable for me!
  8. No one can tell you have them in. Really, no one. I was totally self-conscious especially because I have a ginormous gummy smile. I haven’t had a single person ask what was wrong with my teeth and I’ve even posted big smiley pics on Instagram with them in and didn’t have a single comment!

cheesy smile

Here is a quick look at my wearing them and putting them in, as well as some great info from Dr. Prugh!


As you know, all of our partnerships offer you (our readers) benefits too. If you’ve always wanted to fix that one crooked tooth, improve your bite, or stop that never-ending jaw pain, you can now schedule a FREE CONSULTATION (over a $300 value because it includes scans, x-rays, and pictures) with Dr. Prugh and her staff. All you need to do is call (307)265-7878 and say you heard about Ultra Orthodontics from Prairie Wife.

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4 thoughts on "The Invisalign Diet & 7 Other Things You Don’t Know About Clear Aligners"

  1. Jiovanni says:

    Why do you call the aligners “teeth” instead of aligners?

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      No real reason, just thought it was funny 😉

      1. Karen Green says:

        I call them my “teeth” too – like how I imagine it feels to take out and put in dentures! 🙂

        1. Prairie Wife says:

          right lol that’s exactly it 🙂

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