We Must Have Done Something Right

Posted October 19, 2013 by Prairie Wife -

My neighbor and I were sitting in my living room when we noticed more than the usual amount of giggling coming from our daughters. Cowgirl G and her friend had been coloring away at the table, while we played pass the cranky Cowbaby, and caught up on the last few weeks. We looked at each other and immediately stopped talking so we could eavesdrop on their girl talk. Imagine our surprise when we realized the topic of the day was husbands. Our smiles dropped a little as we apprehensively waited to see what they would say. I mentally scanned my head for the latest conversation I had with another friend about our husbands. Had I been less than flattering to The Cowboy? I was about to find out…

Friend: “I only want one handsome husband!”

Cowgirl G: Covering mouth and giggling (I really only thought that stuff was staged for TV commercials)

Friend: Covering her mouth and giggling

My neighbor and I shot each other another look that said “O.K. this could be worse but, it could be a lot better too.”

Neighbor: “What else do you girls think a husband should be like?”

Prairie Wife: “Yeah, Cowgirl G we have talked about this before.” Please show what a responsible, loving, and good mother I am…

Cowgirl G: Gets up and literally dances over to us. Stands with her hip jutted out and taps the side of her face. “Well he needs to take care of you…and work…so you have money!”

Apparently she truly sees the benefit of the stay-at-home mom gig I have landed!

Friend: Hops away from the table and stands in a similar thoughtful pose. “And be nice and take care of the babies.”

Neighbor: “What about being your friend, that’s important!”

Cowgirl G: “Yeah you have to have fun together!”

As if on cue both the little girls head back to the table and get on with their coloring. I hear one last remark to her friend from Cowgirl G.

Cowgirl G: “You know, Cowboy J would make a really good husband.”

Way to go Cowgirl G, nice job putting a plug in for your big brother!

My neighbor and I laughed and mentally high fived each other (we couldn’t do a real one because of the cranky Cowbaby) on a job well done raising our girls. The more I think about it the more I feel that perhaps I should be having this discussion a little more often with Cowgirl G, and her brothers too.

The girls came up with some great ideas, things that I certainly value in my marriage. But, a lot was left unsaid. My neighbor brought up the point of how your husband treats his family, specifically his mother. Wow, that’s a great one! How about the ability to be your strength when you are weak? I also value a husband who can cook and clean, and do a load of laundry when needed!

What are your ideas, what do you hope your daughter looks for in her future spouse? What positive traits do you hope your sons will have as men?



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