Posted May 26, 2020

Engage. Engage: Occupy, attract, or involve. Engage: To participate or become involved in. Synonyms for ENGAGE are: seize, grab, and “to go in for”. How are you engaging in your life right now? Are you participating in your life, or sitting on the sidelines? How often do you “go in”… Read More »

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It’s All About Intention

Posted August 3, 2016

I was at Target today (well now it’s yesterday but you know what I mean) without kids…let’s all gasp for a minute. I admit I did hit the clearance rack. Where I bought a few new tops (all button downs I can wear after my surgery next week). And now… Read More »

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Love Yourself More, Break Up With Her

Posted February 2, 2014

I met with a friend of mine (sweetNsmiley) a few weeks ago, for coffee. First I have to quickly plug this awesome local coffee shop, The Metro. It has wonderful drinks and goodies to eat, as well as a super cool and casual atmosphere. The back end of the shop has… Read More »

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