Don’t Be Afraid to Feel the Joy

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I had a bunch of things I had planned to blog about today. When I first sat down to write I was debating between a post about some fabulous products that I can’t live without (inspired by a makeup question from a reader) and a Stitch Fix unboxing video that has been waiting to be edited.

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But I decided to push those to the side and just write from my heart…that’s the great part of being in charge lol!

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen this post about a sweet local girl that is fighting for her health right now.

I’ve been sending up some fierce prayers and asked my readers to do the same.

And if you want to help her and her family you can follow this Go Fund Me link.

The Cowboy unexpectedly stopped home today during lunch and I gave him my phone so he could learn about Sterling and say some prayers for her and her family.

As he shook his head in compassion and understanding he glanced up at me and we locked eyes.

Simultaneously we looked over at our table full of chatting, wiggling, giggling Cowkids. They were laughing at some silly joke, making plans for the Summer and shoving sandwiches in their faces.

What a blessing they are.

We smiled at each other and The Cowboy said: “We are so fortunate, so lucky.”

I nodded and went back to puttering in the kitchen. Cleaning up the lunch mess and doing dishes. The whole time I felt myself getting more and more tense. I was clenching my jaw and my breathing was getting faster…and just like I knew it would, the fearful thoughts bubbled up out of the deep dark part of my brain.

“Things are going too well. We’re too happy. It’s been too easy, too good these last few weeks. Something bad is going to happen.”

I stopped right where I was and took a few deep breaths. I closed my eyes and instead of giving in to the fear and anxiety, the overbearing sense of doom, I was grateful.

Grateful for the moment, grateful for being able to be there instead of at work, grateful for a table full of laughter and grateful for more days full of sunshine and warm weather headed our way.

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I battled the fear with prayers of gratitude for all the good in my life.

It has taken years of practice to learn how to do this.

But, I can promise you in moments like today, where fear tried to kill my joy, it made it clear to me how all that hard work has truly paid off.

Don’t be afraid to feel the joy.

It’s as hard, and as simple, as that.

Celebrate the good, and give thanks through the bad.

Don’t be afraid to feel the joy.

James 5:13 Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.

Don’t’ be afraid to feel the joy.

Note: I recently gave a talk titled “Using Faith to Combat” your fear. Read reviews here and follow this link to book me to speak at your next event.

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