Christmas Tree Hunting

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For many, the day after Thanksgiving is for shopping, for our not so little family, it’s a day for chopping!

For the last 11 years that we have been married, The Cowboy and I spent the Friday after Thanksgiving trying to find our perfect Christmas Tree. No matter the weather (unless the roads are closed of course), the size of my pregnant belly, or the number or ages of our children, we have stuck to our tradition for almost every year. The only exception was last year when we surprised the Cowkids and CowGranny with a trip to Disney World.

This year it was only 5 degrees which made it a bit less fun then the past few years! I just love this tradition and I know the Cowkids will look back someday on Christmas Tree hunting and be filled with the joy of the season!

It was absolutely stunning with all the snow on the trees…

the road up


While The Cowboy put chains on the tires so we could get through the deep drifts, I snapped a pic of the super excited Cowkids!

happy cowkids

LittleMissH had a blast riding on The Cowboy’s lap…aren’t they too sweet?

too sweet

When we came out on top of the mountain it was a typical scenic Wyoming view.

scenic views

And we always see something that makes us go…???

a nice place to sit?

We found a good spot to park, got the Cowkids in their snow gear and headed out to find a tree.

off they go

Thankfully we found a great one fairly quickly, but LittleMissH was not happy to be put down for a family picture!

The perfect tree

We chopped down our tree and then cuddled up next the fire to eat some hot soup for lunch.

lunch time

The Cowboy strapped in the tree, we filled our mugs with hot cocoa, and then set off for home!

headed home

There was some chaos today as we decorated the tree, the Christmas Spirit makes it kind of hard to be patient…but only one ornament was broken and in the end the tree was declared “So beautiful I can’t stop looking at it!” By Cowgirl G 🙂

Christmas tree


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Do you have a Christmas Tree tradition?

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