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A question I often get from my brand consulting clients and other small business owners I connect with is: “How can I beat the algorithm?”

And I understand why it’s on their mind.

It can feel frustrating and hopeless when you’re posting regularly and you only get one or two likes on a post. Especially when you’re looking at your competition’s social media account, and they seem to be taking off!

Add to that nonstop posts and videos about the next BIGGEST trend in social media, and it’s enough to make you want to put your head down and cry.

So, how CAN you beat the Algorithm?

First, let’s begin with what the “Algorithm” is.

In social media, algorithms are rules, signals, and data that govern the platform’s operation. They determine how content is filtered, ranked, selected, and recommended/shown to users. Algorithms influence what people will or won’t see on social media.

ALL Social Media Platforms want you to stay as long as possible with them, consuming content and seeing all the sneaky ads stuck in front of you…because that makes them money. The Algorithm is designed to keep people there longer, and it’s constantly changing as people’s tastes and popular trends shift and change.

If you’re creating content people like that is on trend, the theory is that the algorithm will work in your favor, and you grow. Along with this is the thought that you won’t be shown to anyone if you aren’t constantly doing the next biggest and best thing. There are also theories about being shadow-banned for having content that goes against specific “popular” ways of thinking.

Have you broken out into a cold sweat yet? Is your blood pressure up 10 points thinking about all the new dance trends you need to learn?


Stop worrying about the trends and the algorithm.

Stop worrying about how many likes you have compared to your competition.

Quit trying to recreate the same success you had with that one post that went viral…stop.


Take a moment to remember your original purpose for being on social media for your brand/business.

Hopefully, you first began your social media account to connect to potential clients. You likely started a social media account to have more access to a particular group of people that you wanted to help.

Go back to making content for them.

It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 people who comment on your funny video if none of them live in an area where you can ship your product to them.

That sexy pic of you dancing and drinking on the beach may get a lot of likes, but will any of those likes result in clients coming into the gym to pay you for your fitness classes and training program?

It is better to create authentic content that is true to you and your brand, that gets fewer likes but more actual customers than to have a bunch of likes and comments that will never lead to income or connection.

Now that we have that out of the way…

Here are three other pieces of advice that I know will be valuable and help you to consistently grow on social media (because that’s what you really mean when you say you want to “beat” the algorithm”).

  1. Be consistent. If you don’t show up regularly and post and interact on your social media accounts, you won’t have any growth.
  2. Have a call to action on every post. At the end of every post, tell people what to do. Examples: Come by the store M -Thur 10-4 and look at our skirts on sale. Go to [fill in the website name] for more articles on parenting teens. Book me for your next family photo session [include the best way for them to contact you]. Give people the information they need to reach you/buy from you/book a service with you at the end of EVERY SINGLE post.
  3. Use social media in ALL the ways it’s made to be used.  You have to use social media in all the ways available to you. Pictures, Videos, Reels, LIVE videos, Stories, Polls, Ask Questions, Sharing Links, Carasoul Posts. If you use social media in every way possible, it won’t matter what’s trendy because you’re doing it. Do you have to do all of these things every day? No. But weekly…yes. If you do two lives a week, then if lives are the”next big thing,” you’ll be set. If you make three reels a week, you’ll be ready when the algorithm wants reels. Does it take time to learn how to do this? Yes. Will you get overwhelmed at first? Yes. But do you want growth or not? Start by adding one new form of content a week to what you’re already posting and soon you’ll realize you’re able to do it all…and I know you’ll be seeing growth.

There is no quick trick to beating the algorithm.

You have to put in the time and make it a priority to connect with future clients (and income) using social media.

But I assure you, if you do what I recommended above, you will feel like you “beat” the algorithm at last.

If you need support with creating reels and video content here’s a link.

If you want to know more about creating written content, read this article.

If you want to know more about my brand and business consulting, click this link.

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