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About once a week or so I have someone reaching out to me, asking a question about blogging or social media. And while I do offer social media consulting, I also love to post blogging wisdom out there for the internet to find for free. I’ve done a few of these “Behind the Blog” posts and they seem to be helpful so I figured I would create one based on some recent messages I’ve received.

Some of our readers have noticed that I am no longer doing LIVE Facebooks.

I called the series “Little Chat on the Prairie” and I tried to hop on once a week and do a video just catching up and talking about whatever was on my mind.

I also was doing live Unboxings of items from Simply Creative and my seasonal FabFitFun box and LIVE videos with our partners at Stirling Skincare Clinic.

In the last month or so I’ve still been doing these types of videos (and a few new series as well) but they are no longer LIVE.


Well, first, the main benefit of a LIVE video is the interaction you can have in real-time with your followers.

It allows them to ask questions or have you clarify what you’re saying at the moment.

This only works if you actually have people interacting with you…and frankly, I almost NEVER do.

Some of this is because I don’t have 100,000 plus followers. So the chances of having someone watching in real-time are pretty slim.

Another part of this is I can never commit to a set day and time to do my LIVE videos…what can I say no two days EVER look the same around here!

So, I’ve found that I actually create more video content and more content that is valuable, if I video it ahead of time and then share it to IGTV and Facebook.

Also, I have super crappy internet on the prairie so not only did that make for choppy LIVE Facebook videos, but it also means that it could sometimes take me 3 hours to upload a 5-minute video.

Doing my videos this way I can create a video in the afternoons when I have the most time, and then can upload it in about 10 minutes the next morning when I’m in town for work!


If you’re a blogger or content creator, letting go of the “I have to do my videos LIVE” thought process might end up with you creating more authentic content and posting more frequently. Just don’t forget to hang around and respond to comments just like you would with any other post.

Exceptions to the rule?!

I’ve seen many business owners have major success with selling products through LIVE Facebook. Where they show a product and then followers can comment sold and purchase the item.

A few tips to ensure your LIVE Facebook sale is successful?

  • Clearly label items with numbers and repeat the numbers at the beginning, the middle, and end of showing the item.
  • Have your items neatly laid out (or hung on a rack) ahead of time.
  • Let your followers know a few hours ahead of time that LIVE sale is coming up.
  • Keep your sale at the same time and day every week.
  • Direct your followers to the website for similar items and styles so they know they can shop there as well.
  • Have some help managing the comments and sales.

While we’re on the topic, feel free to let me know in the comments if there is some kind of video content you’d like to see!

Oh, and feel free to ask me any questions there too, I’m always happy to help!

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