6 Must Have Apps When Traveling

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After a recently written post about how to travel alone safely as a woman, several readers asked if there were any apps that I found particularly helpful when traveling. To answer that question, here are my 6 must-have apps when traveling.

Some of these are specific apps. For those travel apps, I will share the exact links.

Some of the other travel apps will depend on where you are traveling. In that case, I’ll give you an example or two of what I have used.

NOTE: I have an iPhone, but similar apps can be found and used on any smart device.

Apple Maps

Not sure where the closest train station is? How about that park you read about on Tripadvisor? Just use the search tool in your Apple Maps app to find whatever and wherever you need. I love that you can pick your mode of transportation, which makes this the perfect app to use when exploring a new city on foot. An apple watch makes this app even better because you can enjoy the world around you and only glance down at your phone when your watch vibrates to indicate you have a change in direction coming soon. WARNING: This app needs cell service or wifi to work, so watch that data, especially if you’re traveling overseas.


I first became familiar with this app when I began hiking, and it is a fantastic resource if you’re looking to hit the trails. BUT it also works wonderfully well overseas AND will show you in-town routes! The most valuable part about AllTrails is that you can download your map, so you don’t have to have cell service to access the information. This was a lifesaver when I went hiking solo in the Alps in France. And trust me, if this app can direct me safely from a train station up 3 miles of mountain highway to the tiny medieval town of Peille and up Cime de Baudon…it can take you anywhere you want to go!


Living in Wyoming, I only get to use Uber when I’m traveling. So, while this app may already be one of your most used apps on your phone, I thought it was essential to put it on the list. I don’t think I need to explain how this app works or why it’s a must-use when you’re out and about town (please never drink and drive). But you may not know that the same Uber app you can use in Las Vegas for a girl’s weekend will work in England or France! Access to Uber overseas was a big part of ensuring safe and convenient travel in London.

Plane/Train Apps

However, you plan to travel…plane, train, or even bus, I promise there’s an app for that! Omio is the app I used to book my trains all over England, and SNCFconnect is the one I used to book my train tickets for Nice, France. If you’re traveling using a particular airline, downloading the app ensures you have instant updates about delays and access to your boarding pass without having to dig through your purse. These apps all need cell data or wifi to work, so when in doubt, take a screenshot of your tickets to have them ready and available to be scanned.

Open Table

When going on vacation, it’s vital to enjoy the food experiences available to you. The Open Table App is the perfect way to ensure you have the culinary experience of your dreams, and YES, it does work overseas! As soon as you know when and where you’re going, book those reservations, and with this app, you can even send an invite to the people you’re dining with so everyone knows your plans. It will even save your reservations into your phone calendar AND send you reminders. You can also use this app to find highly rated restaurants and opening and closing times near your location. Big thanks to my HS Bestie for introducing me to this one 😉


My older sister TexasTwoSteppin’ who travels across the United States weekly (if not multiple times a week) recommended this app as a must-have! Here’s what the app store has to say about it: Organize all of your trip details and travel plans into one streamlined itinerary. TripCase lets you manage flight itineraries, hotel bookings, and rental car reservations in one app. Get airport terminal and gate information in one glance on your phone or Apple Watch, and receive notifications if there is a change to your flight.

Are you a frequent traveler? If you have travel apps you can’t live without, let me know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on "6 Must Have Apps When Traveling"

  1. Shannon Kay says:

    GlobeConvert, Translate and Packr.

    1. Prairie Wife says:

      Oh thanks for this, I’ll have to look into these!

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