5 Common Questions About Blogging, And The Answers

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What a strange career/hobby/obsession/business/guilty pleasure…am I right?

A few years ago I created this post telling you what you need to do before you begin blogging.

But over time I have had a few repeat questions come to me that I didn’t cover (or didn’t cover cleary enough) in that post.

So I thought it was time for an update…or maybe it’s a supplemental post?

I can’t write well…or at all…can I start a blog?

Short answer…yes.

Long answer, you’re going to need to put some time into getting better.

The first way to improve as a writer is to get writing. When I look back at some of the posts from my first few years as a blogger I cringe a bit. But you know what, I did the best I could at the time and it was more than enough to keep people around.

The two best ways to edit your work before you hit “publish” is to 1. Read your work out loud and 2. Change the font. Both of these things force your brain to slow down and really read and I guarantee you’ll catch more than a few mistakes you missed.

Lastly, use Grammarly.com  legit, I cannot tell you enough how much it has improved my writing, and I love that it also checks my social media posts and comments.

woman on computer

Can I handle all the tech stuff that goes along with it?


I started out doing all of it on my own, but then as time went on and I needed to have affiliate links, a sharper design, and start having fancy links to my social media it was time to get help.

I didn’t want to deal with the tech stuff, it stressed me out and I didn’t want to take the time to learn.

Yes, it’s a bit of an “OH MY” moment to shell out the cash to create your site (think around $1,000 for most companies) but it’s worth it to then have the tech support around 24/7.

If I want to change a picture, add an affiliate ad, or if I receive some kind of scary error email…all I have to do is email my tech people and it’s taken care of.

Think you can handle the tech stuff (and enjoy it for the most part)?

Then head to Google or Pinterest and get reading and watching YouTube how-to videos. Everything you need is out there.

Can I make money blogging?


Here’s the deal you CAN make money at blogging, and lots of people DO make money blogging.

Those people treat blogging like a dedicated job, complete with deadlines and contracts, hours of work each day/week devoted to blogging, and all the other stress that comes with being a business owner.

To make money you have to be consistently creating new VALUABLE content, show consistent growth, and constantly be looking for new creative ways to grow your brand.

The general rule of thumb is you need to be consistently blogging for at least a year (usually two) before you can expect to see money coming in.

Notice anything there…?


cell phone and computer

I am a business owner/sell a product/make or create a product, do I need a blog?

Need…well no.

But SHOULD you add a blog to your site and create content…YES!

As a business owner or creator (think DIYer Artist or Author) adding a blog to your website and publishing ONE post a week can make all the difference.

It allows your customers to get to know you as a brand, see how they can use your products in their life, connect to you, AND spread the word about what you do.

If you write a post about three ways to style your jewelry and they see something they love, they’ll pin it on their Pinterest board or share that link to Facebook and POW…dozens more people now know about you.


Do I have to be on social media all the time?

Have to, nope not at all.

But what is your purpose in blogging?

If you are offering a service (like advice, recipes, or style help) you want people to know you’re offering it, right?

The best/easiest/cheapest way to do that is by reaching them through social media.

How you do that including what sites you use, how often you post, and what you’re posting is all up to you.

There are plenty of articles out there that can help you with those kinds of decisions…

Speaking of helping you…

Did you know that I offer consulting services?

From creating a brand and mission statement for your blog or business, to taking what you’ve already built to the next level, I am happy to help.

Learn more by following this link or email me at prairiewifeinheels@hotmail.com with any questions.

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