Closet Cravings For June/July 2020

Posted June 19, 2020 by Prairie Wife -

So we’ve been a little lax on posting fashion looks around here.

The truth is (not to bore you with behind the scenes blogging stuff) the site I used to create the cute fashion collages went away.

I had become so used to posting in that format that I was at a bit of a loss at how to move forward…

But I’ve had so many requests that I get back to my old ways, that I finally sat down and figured out a new way to create the fashion content you love.

Welcome to our new feature “Closet Cravings” WAHOO!

Whenever possible there will be links to where you can get specific items (just click the picture of the pink purse and it will highlight the items with links), and per usual, the prices will be as affordable as I can get them, which means around $50 or less for most of them.

Use these as inspiration, or100%  copy them, but whatever you do, if you post a pic of yourself wearing one of these looks on Instagram TAG US @praireheels!

I want to see what you’re doing and be inspired by your personal style.

Here are three June/July 2020 looks I created, that I think you’ll love!

This look is perfect for Western Summers. Tie up the plaid shirt and unbutton it for a peek at the lace bra for a subtly sexy look. Or, just do a front tuck to keep from looking frumpy. Wear the Pure Dixie hat with a high pony to show off the earrings, or with long loose curls.

This look is perfect for going out and about this Summer. From running errands to a lunch date or coffee with friends it will work anywhere. The Kimono  (use the code PRAIRIEWIFE to save 20% off this one) is bright and Summery. The booties from Allure give it a Western look I love, just don’t forget to roll up those skinny jeans a bit to show them off!

Okay, hear me out…I know this date night look isn’t for everyone but I LOVE it! Yes, it is a little 90’s rocker with pointy heels and silver accessories, but it will look good on any body type and works for a wide variety of ages. The sweater IS a bit baggy (that’s why I love it) yet the shorts will give you enough leg that it keeps it sexy. Add a black lace bra and a bold red lip and you are ready to go!

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Alright, sound off…what do YOU think about these June/July 2020 looks?

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