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Everyone has one, that dirty little secret that no one but their family and closest friends know about…the junk drawer. Even Martha Stewart has one! I know this because she was actually my inspiration for this Homestead project.It started when I was watching some daytime television, while holding my newborn son Cowboy J (so this was 7 years ago). They were doing a tour of Martha’s house and they asked her to show them her junk drawer. It was impeccable! The pens were neatly organized by type and color, the rubber bands, paper clips, and tacks were in labeled boxes, and there was not a single instruction manual for appliances. It just showed that Martha Stewart is truly the master of organization. Her junk drawer was better organized than my silverware drawer! I remember thinking to myself, “As soon as I get the hang of this mom thing I am doing that with mine!” (Are you done laughing yet?)

So, as you may have noticed more than half a decade has passed. I have had 3 more children, and moved to the Prairie Homestead. But, one thing has remained the same through all those years; my junk drawer can still not be opened without a fight, I have to pull out at least 3 screwdrivers before I get the one I want, and I have never once looked at the appliance instruction manuals.


It all came to a head last month. Ma and Pa flew out to visit the Cowkids (notice I didn’t say me) and I took advantage of the situation. Two full time babysitters for 10 days, oh the possibilities were endless! I redid the laundry room and Cowgirl G’s bathroom. Through the course of these remodeling projects, I found myself going to the junk drawer more frequently than usual…and my frustration increased more, and more, each time. Finally, I put my mind to it; I was going to have a Martha Stewart junk drawer, now! I fed the Cowbaby, and headed to the store (Target of course) to get my supplies. Below is your supply list and instructions. Trust me, the sense of pride you will have when it is finally done, is like nothing you have ever experienced! Your drawer will be so clean and organized, it will practically sparkle.

Supplies1 plastic silverware drawer organizer (make sure you measure your drawer first so you get the right size)

1 Trash Can

1. Dump the whole drawer out onto the counter or floor. Stare in amazement at all the stuff you never knew was in there. Four tape measures, 25 lighters (and we don’t even smoke), six rolls of tape?!

2. Throw away (or donate) anything you haven’t used in a year or more. Keep warranty information (not the empty card you never filled out, or sent in) if you have it but, toss the rest of those manuals. Everything you might need to know about your appliances, is on the internet now, just go to the brand homepage.

3. Put all of the stuff that belongs to your husband in the garage or shop, it’s his problem now!

4. Do you really need 50 rubber bands? 20 paper clips? Just keep five of each.

5. Vacuum out all the dust and crumbs (how do crumbs get in there?) and place your silverware tray in the drawer.

6. Sort and organize away! When you look at mine you can see I sorted by type (phillips vs. flathead screwdrivers) and who uses it. I put the stuff the kids always need in the front.

7. Close the drawer, and open it. Now, do it five more times, isn’t it amazing? There is nothing you have to push down or pull out! Stand and stare at it for a while. Isn’t being like Martha great?!

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